Simple Steps to Prepare for the ITIL Foundation Exam

How to Prepare for SSC CGL Exam Without Any Coaching

SSC CGL is the most sought-after exam eagerly awaited by lakhs of government job aspirants every year. A majority of aspirants are of the belief that the exams conducted by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) especially SSC CGL are difficult to crack and thereby require special preparation strategies that one can only learn by joining a coaching institute, however, this is not true.

Though the number of aspirants appearing for the exam continues to grow every year, which entails more competition, this, however, does not mean that you must spend a lot of money and enroll in a coaching class in order to ace the next SSC CGL exam. Yes, you can prepare for and crack SSC CGL or any other SSC exams without the assistance of any coaching institution. On that note, let’s talk about some simple yet important tips to help you prepare for the upcoming SSC CGL exam without any coaching at home.

Understand The CGL Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Aspirants should familiarise themselves with the SSC CGL examination before beginning their preparations. Starting with going through the SSC CGL exam pattern and syllabus properly. One must make an effort to comprehend the exam’s strategy and prepare accordingly.

Have thorough knowledge of what you have to study for the exam. SSC is well known for making changes in the SSC exam pattern once every few years. Therefore, it is highly advised that you download and go through the latest SSC CGL exam pattern and syllabus. This will give a direction to your preparation and a sense of the exam. If you are a fresher, you should definitely check the SSC Live Coaching for Freshers here. 

Enroll In Online Classes

Free and affordable online classes for the SSC CGL exams are available on a variety of online learning websites and apps. Try to identify the best test preparation apps and websites and enroll in an online class to utilize the guidance provided by the experts in the class. 

They also offer downloadable study material, publish current affairs daily and let you attempt quizzes and mock tests that can benefit you immensely in your overall preparation.

Prepare a Proper Study Plan

Create a study plan to cover the syllabus properly and follow it with discipline. Estimate the amount of daily study time you can make available for preparation and divide it into two or three study sessions. Make a study sequence or routine for subjects rather than focusing on just one subject the whole day.

It’s also a good idea to proceed chapter-by-chapter in rotation for each subject; this will help you learn faster and retain what you have studied earlier.

Individual Attention to Each Subject

Start exploring the subjects one by one after you have made your study timetable. It is advised you begin with the subjects you are less confident about. Similarly, in each subject, evaluate and analyze your weak and strong areas. Identify your weak areas and work on them to improve your preparation. 

Furthermore, you must pay individual attention to each subject and take a different approach for each. This is because each section in the exam is designed to test a candidate’s aptitude and knowledge in different subjects.

For example, General Intelligence and Reasoning assesses a candidate’s cognitive and analytical abilities. You can easily ace this section without any extensive study if you use common sense and practice enough questions in each topic regularly.

Quantitative Aptitude, on the other hand, tests a candidate’s ability of numerical analysis. The scope of the question in this part is limited to elementary mathematics. All you have to do now is practice questions and speed up your calculations.

For English, you need dedicated preparation time in getting acquainted with basic grammar rules and developing above-par vocabulary and comprehensive reading skills.

General Awareness is the most time-saving and scoring section of all. Devote at least 20 minutes every day to read current affairs and read daily lucent for Static GK.