Even advertisements follow these statistics now. Ads can only hold its place in as little as 6 seconds. So new content needs to be designed to be engaging during that timeframe.

How to Make a Pizza Advertisement Stand Out

Did you know that approximately 350 slices of pizza are sold per second in the US?

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in America – almost everyone enjoys a slice at least occasionally. But with so many restaurant options out there, you need to make sure your pizza advertisement sets you apart from the competition.

If you want to turn heads and win new customers, this pizza parlor marketing guide explains how to create impactful advertisements for your restaurant or delivery service.

Read on for everything you need to know about advertising a pizza restaurant.

Use Stunning Visuals

As with all food items, quality images of your pizzas will whet the appetite of potential customers, driving traffic to your restaurant.

You’ll want to hire a professional food photographer who knows how to make your dishes look irresistible on camera. Avoid using stock images if possible – your customers will be disappointed if the food looks nothing like the pictures in your pizza advertisement.

Use an easy-to-read, impactful typeface that complements your images. Include a call to action in your ads – invite the customer to come and try your product today.

Consider Space and Layout

Whether you’re designing a digital or print advert, it will need an eye-catching layout to stand out from the crowd.

Avoid overcrowding your ad space. Your pizza advertisement needs to be striking and concise, with a focus on the food itself. Hungry customers won’t want to read walls of text when they see a food advertisement. Instead, they want an enticing picture combined with an easy-to-digest message and call to action.

Offer Deals and Promotions

There’s no quicker way to draw attention to your pizza restaurant marketing than including deals and promotions in your advertisements.

If people were on the fence about trying your restaurant, decide for them with an unmissable offer on popular item menus. Once consumers taste your delicious pizza, they will be more than happy to pay full price in the future.

You can hold flash events for your pizzeria online through social media marketing. Make your promotions limited to generate local hype.

Gain Local Traction

Pizza restaurant marketing is hyper-local. Your ad campaign needs to resonate with your community and build a strong local following to succeed.

Do some market research to find out what your competitors offer compared to what local consumers want. Then, target your pizza advertisement campaign on any gaps in the market you identify.

Once you become known as the best pizza place in town, you’ll need a quality phone system to handle incoming orders. Check out Clarity Voice for a tailored solution.

Best in Town: Make Your Pizza Advertisement Stand Out

Wherever you decide to set up your pizza place, you can guarantee competition from other local businesses. By creating a pizza advertisement that stands out from the crowd, you’ll be able to take a bigger slice of the market share.

Keep your advertising campaign fresh and current with constant market research and trend analysis. That way, you’ll see your pizzeria marketing results go from strength to strength.

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