How to Get Your Start in the Gaming Industry

Working can be tedious if you’re bored or dislike the tasks you regularly perform, but focusing on your interests can keep you motivated and productive. Instead of being frustrated by your occupation, you’ll be able to spend your career focused on things that interest you or engaged in activities you enjoy.

Today, video game enthusiasts can build their careers around their passion for video games. The video game industry’s growing rapidly and is expected to generate over $270 billion a year by 2030, underscoring the increasing career opportunities in the gaming industry. Let’s look at some different gaming career options and how you can get your start in gaming.

Pro gamers include streamers.

Streamers are gamers who stream their gameplay on streaming sites like Twitch or YouTube Gaming. Streamers generate revenue through subscriptions or sponsorships. Streamers create entertaining content, which means they stream games others enjoy watching and engage with their audience. Streamers also generate revenue through donations and Bits they receive from viewers.

Streamers are usually strong gamers who do well playing several popular games. Aspiring streamers can head to to stay updated on all the latest gaming news and equipment. Suppose you’re trying to determine what type of gaming computer to buy or which keyboard you need for your gameplay. Hotspawn’s reviews break down the benefits of different computers, keyboards, desks, monitors, and other gaming accessories, such as headphones.

Streamers can also head to Hotspawn for gameplay tips. For example, a streamer who plays Defense of the Ancients would want to know about new DOTA patches for the game. Hotspawn’s guides offer insight into gaming terms or the benefits of playing certain games as specific characters. Streamers can also review tips for building effective Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) squads.

Streamers can build their following by following other streamers and interacting during their streams. They can also promote their streams through their social media accounts and post clips on YouTube, TikTok, or Twitter to entice viewers to visit their channel.

Esports players are pro gamers.


Electronic sports players are competitive video game players. These players specialize in one or more games and enter tournaments to play against other world-class esports players. For example, an esports player who specializes in Overwatch could compete in the Overwatch League. Other famous esports tournaments include the Fortnite World Cup, the League of Legends World Championship, and the Halo Championship Series.

Esports players may build connections by starting as a streamer. Perhaps a team’s looking for someone good with a sniper rifle or who excels in a gunfight. You could connect with teams looking for members with those skills through your streams. Ensuring you have a solid social media presence with an email address where people can reach you is an excellent way to connect with other pro gamers.

A robust technical education can lead to a career as a programmer.


Whether you’re starting middle school, entering high school, or applying to college, you can make academic choices that will support your gaming career ambitions. You could look for the best online school Oregon has to offer for aspiring gamers. Oregon charter schools with career and technical education (CTE) programs offer opportunities to develop technical skills beneficial to gaming industry pros. Computer science courses are excellent options if you’re interested in a future as a computer programmer who creates video games. Business management studies will equip you with the skills needed to become a successful streamer or launch a gaming company.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that career opportunities for software programmers will increase by 22 percent between 2020 and 2030, which is almost three times the average job growth rate for all occupations during that period. These professionals typically prepare for their careers by earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer and information technology.

You can consider multiple gaming careers if you’re passionate about video games and want to build a career focused on something you love. Some gamers become streamers and make money entertaining viewers. Others compete in esports tournaments, while computer programmers create video games. Developing gaming skills and taking appropriate courses can prepare you for a gaming career.