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Understanding How Mosquito Foggers Actually Work in Practice

Mosquitos are by far the most deadly animals to humans. Even though they are small and annoying, mosquitos carry several deadly diseases that kill hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Most know to wear insect repellent to avoid mosquito bites, but often it’s not enough. You may have seen city workers come and use mosquito foggers or spray trucks to rid your neighborhood of mosquitos, especially in the summer months.

But, how do these mosquito foggers work? Are they safe and effective? Let’s dive in to learn more about using foggers for mosquito removal.

Are Mosquito Foggers Safe?

If you’ve seen mosquito foggers before, you know they have a strange smell and create a fog that looks mildly concerning. Of course, the first question that comes to mind is safety.

Mosquito foggers use chemicals that are low in toxicity to humans and other animals. These chemicals are from the pyrethrin and pyrethroid families. The active ingredients are larvicides and adulticides.

Larvicides kill mosquitos resting on the water. Adulticides kill flying mosquitoes. Professionals also use the chemicals naled and malathion in foggers.

Of course, no insecticide is ever completely safe, but these chemicals will not cause any significant irritation to you or your family. As long as you don’t deeply inhale the chemicals, you will be safe.

Professional pest control workers recommend foggers wear a mask and goggles while the fogging is in process. Everyone else should wait 10-15 minutes before going outside.

Types of Foggers

There are three main types of foggers. The first is a cold fogger. Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) foggers create fog using cold temperatures. These foggers generate tiny droplets to create a dense cloud of smoke. The fog is more concentrated, so cold foggers are strong and effective.

Second are thermal and electric foggers. These foggers use heat to turn oil-based insecticides into smoke. They are effective in large areas with a lot of foliage. However, most users prefer using a propane fogger rather than an electric fogger because it is more portable.

Experts say these two types of mosquito foggers are practical and make for the best pest control. So if you live in an area affected by mosquitos, it’s a good idea to consider purchasing a fogger for your home. By visiting, you can browse and find a suitable mosquito fogger for you.

Keep in mind a smart homeowner will not spray more than a few times per season. Even though toxicity remains low, professionals don’t recommend using a fogger more than this.

The last choice is an aerosol mosquito fogger. This fogger is similar to a can of insect repellant. It is not as effective as the other options, but it is inexpensive. You may consider using an aerosol fogger for low areas and small spaces.

Stay Mosquito Free

Mosquito foggers are a great solution to keep your home and garden mosquito-free. Foggers use fewer chemicals than other options, making them safe. Additionally, they are the most effective at killing mosquitos. You can even purchase a personal mosquito fogger to use at your leisure.

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