How to Choose the Right Product Packaging Design

How to Choose the Right Product Packaging Design

Product packaging seems like a negligible process in a manufacturing plant. Very little effort or attention is given to it as it happens at the tail-end of the manufacturing process. However, it is an important undertaking that any organization focused on increased sales should understand.

Recently, a study found that 72% of consumers are influenced by product packaging when making purchase decisions. Therefore, your business could be losing a considerable number of customers by ignoring this process. If you don’t know how to design a package, here are a few product packaging design tips you should try.

  1. Consider Package Testing 

Most of the companies tend to assume that their package designs are good. There is no data behind the decisions they usually make regarding package designs to use. This assumption has led many organizations to huge losses.

As a business owner, it is always important to base your decisions on data. That is why you should incorporate package design testing into any designs that you want to use. This will help you to determine whether such designs will create an impact on the market or not.

In business, consumer’s opinions matter. Therefore, you need to have a clear understanding of what customers think about your packaging designs.

  1. Analyze Your Packaging Materials

There are many types of materials used in making your packaging design. Food products are better packaged in cardboard materials. In most cases, metal cans are used for canned food.

Currently, most of the drinks are packaged in plastic materials. These are some of the basics you should clearly understand when choosing your packaging material. Your product packaging ideas should always have packaging material at the top of the list.

You don’t have to follow the standard packaging strategies that are currently in the market. For example, as an environmentally conscious business, you need to avoid plastic materials.

  1. Consider Attractive Packaging

Your packaging design tips should incorporate attractive packaging. You might have a perception that appearance does not matter. However, there are buyers whose interests are piqued by the attractiveness of the packaging.

No one is attracted to ugly products. With a packaging that is not appealing, there is a higher chance that you will be scaring potential customers away. You need to have a mixture of the right colors for attraction.

Your packaging should be a marketing strategy. It should attract potential customers. There is no doubt that customers will buy a product covered with beautiful material.

  1. Incorporate Ergonomic Packaging

The packaging should not only enclose and protect the product. It should also aid the users. This means that the packaging should enable the user to access the product with ease.

You should not make your customers struggle when they want to reach the product. For example, it should be easier to open and close the package. This is an essential aspect of products that are used for emergency purposes.

Packaging needs to play a balancing act. It needs to protect the product against easier access by foreign objects. However, it should also be straightforward to use by the final user.

  1. Analyze the Distribution Strategies

Distribution strategies need to be considered when looking for your packaging designs. You need to make sure that the integrity of the product is protected before reaching its final destination. This means that the packaging material should adhere to the needs of the means used in distribution.

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Glass products are likely to be damaged during distribution. Therefore, you need to look for a packaging material that will protect them against possible damages. A good packaging material that can easily absorb the forces during impact will help in preventing damages.

Handling is another packaging aspect that is usually ignored by manufacturing companies. Products handled by cranes should have additional packaging designs. For instance, handles can be added to the package to prevent direct contact between heavy cranes and the product.

  1. Pay Attention to Product Safety

As highlighted above, the physical state of the product is important. However, you need to go ahead and pay attention to the chemical composition of the products. Some products are sensitive to light and other elements in their surroundings.

In such situations, you need packaging that does not allow light to pass through. Other products are sensitive to temperature changes. Generally, the packaging used should pay attention to the integrity of the product, especially when it comes to its composition.

Double-packaging is common in products that are sensitive to environmental changes. The outer layer prevents temperature and light from reaching the product.

  1. Packaging and Branding

Besides the regular online branding, your packaging design should incorporate the branding aspects. This means that you should focus on visual impressions on your packages to influence buyers. Fonts should be large enough to read so that customers can get all the details.

Include important details about the product on the packaging. Remember, some of the customers have very little information about your product. You need to educate them with few sentences that carry valuable information.

Your packaging should have your logo as a basic visual impression. Other visual branding aspects such as slogans and taglines should communicate more about the brand.

  1. Cost of the Packaging

As you endeavor to have the best packaging design, it is essential to consider the costs involved. The intrinsic value of the packaging design should not exceed that of the product.

As a business, reducing operational expenses is crucial. That is why you should work on getting the cheapest packaging alternative for your product. However, make sure that the packaging you’ll be using does not compromise the attractiveness of your product.

Get the Best Product Packaging Design

Using the best product packaging design should be your ultimate goal. It does attract not only customers but also enhances the reputation of the business. That is why you need to work with packaging design companies to get the best product.

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