How Essential Oils for Headaches are Changing the Game

Essential oils for headaches are a new key player in winning a fight against a bad headache. While many people take ibuprofen or acetaminophen in an attempt to relieve the pain of a headache, these two over-the-counter medications don’t provide immediate relief and aren’t fast-acting.

Using essential oils for headaches is a great way to immediately reduce the painful feelings of a hammer on your head and help ease away a headache. Essential oils are great for the average headache and can even help combat tension headaches and migraines.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are a highly concentrated liquid that is composed of compounds found in plants. Essential oils are often also known as plant extracts.

Some essential oils are more common and easier to get your hands on in comparison to others. If an essential oil is a derivative of a plant that is hard to access or has limited resources, the essential oil will not only be harder to find, but the price will be much higher to reflect the supply and demand relationship of the product and its consumers.

Why Using Essential Oils is a Game Changer

In general, essential oils have countless benefits to your health. Not only are they changing the game when it comes to headaches, but essential oils also help promote a good night’s sleep, pain, stress, anxiety, and gut health. They know how to kick a common cold or the flu to the curb.

Essential oils are loved and praised for their various properties, making them extremely beneficial to many daily pains and feelings you may experience. Here are a few common essential oil properties: 

  • Antiviral properties
  • Antifungal properties
  • Antibacterial properties

The Best Essential Oils for Headaches

While most essential oils are great for your health, there are three that you should have on your radar as ways to help alleviate a headache. Peppermint, rosemary, and lavender essential oils are the perfect way to find fast-acting relief from a headache that’s standing in the way of your daily activities.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is thought to be the best essential oil for headaches. This essential oil is quite recognizable thanks to its identifiable smell of menthol. Menthol, in particular, helps to support the reduction of pain and tension from a headache.

Thanks to its efficiency, Peppermint essential oil is used most commonly to battle a headache or even a migraine. The best way to enjoy the benefits of peppermint oil is through a carrier oil that can be rolled on or applied to your temples. Peppermint essential oil helps to relieve the pressure and tension in your temples caused by your headache.

  • Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil is a close contender for the first place title of best essential oil for a headache. This essential oil, in particular, helps to improve your circulation, which is important when it comes to beating a headache. Rosemary essential oil also helps to alleviate tension that is another common cause or product of a headache. 

Rosemary essential oil is a great way to put your body into relaxation mode, exactly what you need to be doing when suffering from a headache. Your body does so much for you; support it with rosemary essential oil.

  • Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is a more well-rounded essential oil. This essential oil is great to use when you have a headache right before bed. Lavender essential oil is known to be calming and relaxing while helping to alleviate the feelings of a headache. 

Putting on lavender lotion, taking a bath with diluted lavender essential oil, or lavender bath salts is a great way to incorporate lavender essential oil into your night routine when you have a headache. Chances are you’ll love lavender essential oil so much that it’ll become something you use daily and not just when you have a headache.

In Conclusion

Essential oils are chemical compounds from plants that are found in a concentrated liquid format, which are then sometimes diluted to be used in other forms. These little bottles of goodness are a game-changer when it comes to your health. They help support your immune system and can support you as you overcome the symptoms of a common cold, such as a nasty and demanding headache.

Essential oils for headaches are an efficient and easy way to minimize the pounding feeling in your head. Win your next match against a bad headache by putting essential oils into the game.