Hear from Hunter Biden, a laptop repairman who met the president’s son for the first time.

The laptop of the Delaware repairman included sexual photos as well as financial statements.

Individual who discovered Hunter Biden’s laptop and handed it over to law enforcement was able to return it to authorities.

Hunter Biden loaned his laptop to John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of a laptop repair shop, throughout April, so that he could get it fixed. After several attempts, the president’s son never received the computer he was expected to have by that time. Several political controversies ensued as a result of the public disclosure of the laptop’s contents, which included incriminating emails and violent video.

Hunter Biden was the subject of a story published by the New York Post on Friday about a computer repairman’s first encounter with him.


Isaac called to tell him that Hunter Biden had arrived in his shop just as the clock was about to strike twelve. According to Isaac, when Biden walked into Isaac’s shop, he reeked of booze. Because of water damage, Biden had brought the PC to him.