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It is unfortunately overlooked by most tourists who visit Oaxaca for many reasons. It is made up of two pools that are mineral-rich and bubbling. There are also two other pools, which can be used for refreshing swims and a few petrified waterfalls. All of this is located in a breathtaking mountain setting.

It is designed to help travelers interested in visiting Mexico’s three bordering states on the Pacific: Jalisco Colima, Oaxaca, and Colima. He collects much of the information from these states through third-party sources. However, he enjoys updating his website periodically by visiting the areas where he has acquired some expertise.  traveled to Oaxaca in February 2011 with his wife Nancy and Doris, his 96-year-old mother.

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Arlene, my wife, and I decided to invite and his family to our house for drinks, botanas, and chats. This was purely a nice gesture since, as it is with so many people in the age of email and Facebook (I must admit I hate the latter two). Online over the past few decades through advertising, posting articles to his website, and, more generally, because I passed on information about Oaxaca for publication.

Small domestic Mexican airlines fly to Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido, and Huatulco. Weekend flights depart around noon. Morning flights are more Cheap Flights from Oaxaca enjoyable and less likely to cause significant turbulence because of the wind currents that blow between and over the mountains.  suggested that I visit him at 8 a.m.


Oaxaca’s airport has two terminals. The large one is for domestic and international commercial jet travel. It can be used by planes that can carry at least 50 passengers. The small one is for military and cargo flights by small airlines like Aero Vega or Erotica. The small terminal offers the benefit of free parking for passengers when they pick them up or drop them off. It is nice to feel relaxed, but not in a way that compromises safety and security.

has 20 years of experience flying, with many flights between Texas and Mexico. His Spanish is not bad either. However, you can still jog in Mexico with very little Spanish because the air traffic controllers speak English. While completed the paperwork and paid the fee, Doris and I waited almost half an hour. Although we knew he would need to walk between offices, the offices were within the same terminal complex. This was not always the case.


There was a glitch that caused us to be unable to take off. , returning from his last office visit, asked me for my assistance as a Spanish speaker. “Alvin! I need your assistance; the guy upstairs said that foreigners could not take off in a plane to see the sights; they must be going somewhere and landing there.

and I went up to the top deck with Juan. Juan was apparently in charge of these matters. He had just turned him away. My permanent Mexican residency card was what I thought would work—in many cases, being a resident trump any FM – 2 or FM – 3 visas held by Mexicans living abroad. But it wasn’t enough. I asked if this was a state-specific rule or if it applied to only this airport


I mentioned that Capitan had taken similar short flights up the coast, leaving from both Puerto Escondido airports and Huatulco airports. Each time, he received the stamped permission.

We weren’t ready to accept “no” as an answer. At least, not so quickly. So, we stayed firm until Juan said, “then, you’ll have the commandant to speak to.” As we walked along the hall, I started fiddling in my pocket and looked for some small bills. Juan explained that the pilot wanted to fly to Herve el Agua, then return. However, I had already given him our rules. So, I replied, “Yes, we want to go out there for some time, take some photos of the beautiful scenery, then come back.”