Guide to Implementing Unique Vanities

Guide to Implementing Unique Vanities

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, one of the focal points is always the vanity. It can say a lot about the homeowner’s style and personality. Depending on taste, themes, and style, matching the vibe of the rest of the room is crucial to create a cohesive and attractive bedroom. Because the vanity is often a centerpiece of the room, it is important to make sure it is done right. This article aims to lay out some suggestions for homeowners to create a perfect oasis of a restroom that suits their needs.

Modern Bathroom Style

A modern-style bathroom is a very popular choice for a design theme. It is a sleek, elegant look that appeals to many different sensibilities. One way to achieve this look is by using a monochromatic color scheme. Choosing one color, such as white or black, and selecting elements close to those colors is an easy way to create a cohesive overall look. Although white has long been an extremely popular color for bathrooms, there are many Unique Vanities that come in darker colors, which have risen in popularity in the past few years. Modern design favors simple geometric shapes, a limited color palette, and minimal decorative elements.

Guide to Implementing Unique Vanities

A modern style often works well in small spaces, as elements like an open plan, glass walls around showers, and floating vanities can make the space appear bigger. Minimalism is often a feature of this style, with a focus on functionality rather than fluff or decoration. Elements usually do not take up more space than they have to, which helps contribute to the clean, open feel. For some, this may feel overly sterile, but choosing warm neutral colors as a palette, using natural materials like wood and stone, and adding just a few decorative elements, like flowers, can make a modern space feel homey as well.

Traditional Bathroom Style

A traditional Bathroom usually models itself from a historical period, although it does not have to emulate a specific era to be considered such. Usually, this style describes bathrooms that evoke the colonial or Victorian eras, and are also often present in old houses from these periods. Often this style is more defined by what it is not, as a contrast to sleeker modern styles. Traditional bathrooms favor natural, or faux-natural, materials, like stone, wood, and porcelain. Often vanities are made of wood and are of high-quality construction. Often, they are constructed using a type of wood that is native to the area. For example, if a home is in the Northeastern United States, oak or cherry might be a common choice. The color palette is usually neutral colors with traditional reds, blues, and greens as accents, and metal fixtures in historical colors like copper and bronze.

Because this style of bathroom covers a wide range of eras, when designing a bathroom, it is a good idea to keep elements in roughly the same time period. Try looking for inspiration online to decide what sort of design the bathroom should emulate. It may be jarring for a bathroom to have elements from very disparate periods, especially when going for a more classical, timeless style. That being said, mixing and matching eras is not unheard of, but are usually from adjacent eras where the styles blend well together.

Country-Style Bathroom

A country-style bathroom usually describes a space with a rustic, farmhouse-inspired design. Like most styles, this exists on a spectrum, from lightly farm-influenced to full-on cowboy decor. One of the most common elements of a country bathroom is the use of natural, rustic wood for materials. Pine is a common choice for furniture like vanities because its many knots make for a visually interesting, pastoral essence. However, it should be noted that pine is a softwood, so it may be more easily damaged and require more care. Like Traditional-style bathrooms, other native woods are also popular. Cloth and leather accents also add to a more farmhouse aesthetic, especially plaid and gingham fabric patterns.

Decor that celebrates nature and country living are hallmarks of a country-style bathroom. Because a farmhouse aesthetic is currently in fashion, it is easy to find accessories like linens, dishes, containers, and even shower curtains that fit this style. Artwork is another way to add country flair to a space. Unlike modern-style bathrooms, a rustic style welcomes many decorative elements to add to the cozy, homey feel of the room. Look for art, sculpture, and collectibles with themes that evoke a country feel. This could be wildlife and plants, themes of cowboy culture, nature, and pastoral scenes, or even large pieces like wagon wheels.

Eclectic Bathroom Style

Unlike traditional and country style, where a specific existing aesthetic is being emulated, Eclectic Style is often an exercise in contrast. For homeowners who want an especially unique and interesting design scheme, uniting a variety of styles in a single space can create a more playful, experimental vibe. Where many other styles have more hard and fast “rules” to follow, Eclectic design is more about choosing carefully curated individual pieces and bringing them together in visually interesting ways. Because the vanity is a focal point of the bathroom, this may be a great opportunity to choose something more unusual, such as a bright color or uncommon shape.

Where modern style is associated with minimalism, eclectic style often aligns itself with what might be called “maximalism.” While a common misconception is that maximalist design is all about cramming rooms full of hoarded items, it actually emphasizes bold colors and patterns, unique statement pieces, and mixing and matching of different other styles. Lovers of this style enjoy the ability to fully express their unique personality and style, rather than being bound by mainstream design rules.

Final Thoughts

No matter a person’s particular tastes, by planning out the architecture and design elements they want, they are able to create a bathroom that they find relaxing, stylish, and an expression of their personality and style. By taking into account their goals, researching for inspiration, and taking the time to pick out unique fixtures the mesh well together, the perfect bathroom is within reach.