Gaming Tech 101: Top 15 Video Game Tools & Equipment Required for Streaming

Gaming Tech 101: Top 15 Video Game Tools & Equipment Required for Streaming

Gaming is the most popular element in this generation. The reason is due to its affordability; it reduces stress and helps to earn money. The online gaming industry has seen substantial growth during the last few years. Online entertainment has grown as a result of modern and enhanced game systems. For many gamers, the aim is to be able to support themselves through their hobby. One way to do that is to stream it, but in a world where everyone is already streaming, you’ll need a professional-looking setup to stand out. Through this article, you’ll find the best video game tools and equipment for streaming. 

1- Webcam

People viewing live streaming want to see who is doing all the magic, in addition to seeing what you’re playing. A good webcam can assist them in doing so. You can use your favourite live streaming software to extract the feed from a camera and overlay it in the game stream. Just be careful not to obstruct the game’s perspective too much.

It’s also worth the money to invest in a high-quality 4k webcam so that your viewers can watch you react to what’s going on in the game. You can choose among Logitech C922 Pro, Razer Kiyo and more.

2- Perfect Lighting

To have a proper video streaming, light should be placed at a proper angle to get a clear view of the streamer. This attracts a larger audience. Like Elgato Key Light Air makes streaming more professional

3- Green Screen- 

Green Screen is a must thing for every streamer. You cannot set a proper backdrop without using a green screen. 

4- Microphone system

Microphones are used as the audio source. The USB microphone is the most used microphone among gamers for live broadcasting. It offers the ability to connect directly to your PC and has improved sound quality. A USB microphone is a less expensive choice because it does not require any additional devices. If you want to use an XLR microphone, though, you’ll need to buy a separate audio mixer first. If audio is more important to you, the XLR microphone should be your first choice.

5- Headphones

Uncomfortable headphones can ruin an otherwise great gaming session, which is especially true for streamers who don’t have the time or mental capacity to deal with crushed ears. Sennheiser’s Game One headset has velour ear pads that work well with glasses and provides very clean audio in a comfortable, breathable frame.

6- DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Cameras

If you’re willing to spend a little more on a video source, a DSLR camera will provide higher video quality. The mirror less camera is a smaller version of the DSLR camera. The mirror less camera captures ultra-high image resolution and produces great video. You’ll need a video encoder in addition to a DSLR to send your videos to multiple streaming services.

7- A loaded machine

Image Credit: Pixabay

Streaming will be boring and unattractive if played with the wrong machine. Most gaming systems will come with a single midrange or high-end graphics card preinstalled; higher-priced systems will naturally have better cards, as animation performance and visual quality are often correlated with purchasing price. Third-party manufacturers such as Asus, EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI, PowerColor, Sapphire, and XFX build the graphics processors, or GPUs, that go into these cards. In 2022, AMD added Radeon RX 6500 XT to the list, releasing in January 2022.

8- Good game streaming software

How can you get your game to the public now that the PC requirements are met? Your visual card and processor will be able to handle the streaming; all you need to do now is provide them with the platform and tools they need to synthesize and broadcast them. There is no doubt that Lightstream is the best game streaming software. You can check out the link to know how to get started on that platform. It has the largest potential audience, it specialises in this field, and its popularity implies that the onboarding process and functions have been streamlined. you can learn how to stream mobile games on twitch live stream platform also. It is easy to use and fun. Other software like Steam, LoMeIn Hamachi, Razer Cortex, Team Speak etc. can also be opted. 

9- Wall Light

Lights are a must to attract audiences to your streaming. Wall lights connected to your AIs like Google Assistant or Alexa spice up the streaming process. 

10- Bluetooth gaming controller

Whether you’re a PC or mobile gamer, some games are better with a controller. A mouse and keyboard are more accurate, but they are inconvenient to use in a small room or on a sofa. Bluetooth controllers are the perfect blend of the two. You can go for Xbox Core, Sony DualSense, 8Bitdo Pro 2 etc.

11- A comfortable chair

For every person it is mandatory to have good health. Gamers spend a lot of time near computers, thus they need a comfortable and adjustable gaming chair and space to sit. 

12- Stereo Speakers

Image credit: Pixabay
Image credit: Pixabay

Two 17-inch powered speakers with a two-driver system consisting of a 4-inch bass driver and.75-inch tweeter make up the stereo system. The correct speaker has bass and treble controls, where you can fine-tune the sound. For example, in a first-person shooter or action game, increasing the bass might make explosions sound bigger.

13- A Wide Monitor

A high resolution computer is a must for a gamer. The BenQ 28-inch 4K display was designed exclusively for gamers. It has two HDMI connectors and a DisplayPort port, so you can connect both your game PC and consoles at the same time. The EL2870U supports HDR (high dynamic range), a video technology that improves colour realism, as well as AMD’s FreeSync, which reduces screen tearing and other visual anomalies.

14- Backlit Keyboard 

The Ornata Wired Keyboard from Razer was created to make PC gaming more comfortable and enjoyable.

15- Stable Wifi

Online PC gaming necessitates a very strong internet connection. Even a slight decrease in pace can give your competitors the upper hand.

Without a doubt, the planet of on-line play is evolving. we are going to see even bigger play options offered within the play market as these games become additional accessible and fewer costly to get. If you weren’t previously a gamer, I feel the same criteria can cause you to measure your leisure activities.