ads designed

Futuristic ads designed for modern technologies

Recently, interest in retro-futuristic designs has increased considerably. However, everyone from famous brands to technology giants is experiencing a return to retro designs but with a little difference. They are blending Retro with the future. While there are real advertisements, we would like to look at sarcastic and funny designs. As RetroWawe, we wholeheartedly join this trend with all our products to increase these designs.

While some chocolatiers revert to their old designs and start selling under the retro name, futuristic sunglasses, some cosmetic brands are reviving their retro love of old boxes. Especially remembering the old ones that could not adapt to the rapid transition with the advances in technology with retro designs has become a popular advertisement. Let’s take a look at retro designs from social media to technological devices.


How were mails used to be? Maybe we don’t remember, but even children could be sent by mail. Ha-ha, this is really real. It would be thrown into mailboxes with different postage stamps and expected to arrive for months, perhaps. Talking to someone was also difficult. There were love letters or something. Now it’s just a click away.


Who cares about glasses? Was it like that before, my dear? Just a joke. Good luck with the monster hunt.


Yes, now let’s talk about your childhood. Wait a minute. No, need because your childhood can be seen on Facebook. We can analyze by opening a fan page and reading the diary that you poured out. Freudbook is easier than ink.


An apple a day keep the mental health away. Honestly, I guess it wasn’t the true idiom. Whatever. We love apples right? We are going to be very disappointed if he doesn’t fly into space soon. Or if we can’t communicate with aliens.


Is there anyone we can’t call now? Though calling our five favorite people was free, they wouldn’t even buy the right to call. What day does Face-time stand for? Well, can I call my aunt in Venus?


The ipad is beautiful enough to shape the future. It is debated whether it can be considered futuristic as long as the paper is not as thin, but well enough.


Think! . Google is a postal service and asks you what you’re wondering about, and you get a response after a month. So google analytics is still running and can keep statistics of everything. By George!


Isn’t he watching you?


What if LinkedIn has a gossip section? Take it, honey. You are wondering how this idiot got into this business. The ambition is good. It keeps you fit.


Would we be happier if we had to share what’s really real?


10 MB? Is it a joke, I am going to buy it n…


Hello alien. Do you want to try a Segway?


Already digital telepathy? However, we still cannot accept it because it is insensitive. Come on black mirror a little more effort to adds.