Everything You Need to Know About Group Travel Insurance Policies

Group travel insurance is a type of travel insurance that covers the entire group, not just one person. It can be purchased for any number of people, and it will cover all members in case they become ill or injured while on holiday.

The policy usually includes medical expenses as well as repatriation to their home country if necessary. Group policies are often cheaper than individual ones because you only pay once rather than paying each time someone travels with your company. They also provide more comprehensive coverage since there’s no need to add additional riders to an existing policy. However, some companies may charge extra fees for this service. 

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Who Needs Group Insurance?

Group travel insurance Singapore is ideal for businesses that have employees traveling together regularly. If you’re planning a business trip where several people from different departments will be going away at the same time, then buying a group policy could save money over purchasing separate policies for everyone involved. You’ll also get better rates when you buy a group policy here compared to buying multiple single-person policies.

What Does Group Insurance Cover?

Some of the things covered by this type of insurance include;

  • Medical expense

These include emergency medical evacuation, hospitalization and repatriation. This is usually provided by a specialist insurer or an association representing specialists in your destination country. It may also be included as part of some package holidays.

  • Baggage loss/damage

This covers items such as clothing, personal effects, cameras, etc. that you have packed for your trip but are not with you when traveling. The policy will pay to replace these if they get lost or damaged during transit.

  • Trip Cancellation / Interruption Insurance

If you cancel or change your plans at short notice, then you could lose all the money you’ve already spent booking hotels, tours, tickets, etc. A typical policy would allow you to re-book free of charge within 12 months of cancellation and provide reimbursement for any extra payments made.

  • Travel Delay Insurance

Suppose you’re unable to reach your departure airport because of bad weather, strikes, terrorism, war, civil unrest, riots, political demonstrations, road closures, quarantine restrictions, border controls, passport checks, visa requirements, immigration issues, etc.. In that case, you might be able to claim back the cost of alternative transportation or even hotel rooms booked before you were forced to leave.

  • Emergency Evacuation Insurance

If you need to evacuate someone who has become seriously ill or been involved in an accident, then you’ll want to ensure their immediate needs are met. Your insurer will normally arrange for them to receive urgent treatment overseas and reimburse you for any excess charges incurred.

Are There Any Exclusions In Group Travel Insurance Policies?

Yes, there are! Some common Group travel insurance Singapore exclusions include:

Pregnancy and Childbirth – Most insurers exclude coverage for maternity care and related services. If you require specialized obstetric care, it’s advisable to purchase a separate cover for yourself and your baby.

Injury Caused by Alcohol Consumption – Many policies don’t cover injuries sustained while drinking excessively. They often only apply where the injury was due to intoxication rather than negligence.

Losses due to suicide – Although rare, some policies won’t cover losses resulting from death by self-inflicted harm.

Dental Care – Dental treatments aren’t covered under standard general travel insurance policies. You should consider purchasing specific dental covers separately.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions – These are conditions that existed prior to entering into the contract of insurance. Most insurers will refuse to insure anyone suffering from pre-existing illness unless they can prove they had no symptoms whilst on holiday.

Adventurous sports – Your group travel insurance cover does not shield you against misfortunes encountered while taking part in adventurous sports such as scuba diving, bungee jumping, skateboarding, etc.

Is Group travel insurance Cover worth Getting?

It really comes down to personal preference. If you are traveling in a group and want peace of mind knowing that you’ll always be covered in case of illness or injury, then you need to consider group travel insurance Singapore.

Are there Benefits of Using Group Travel Insurance?

Group travel insurance is great when traveling with friends or family who share similar interests. It also makes sense if you’re planning an extended stay abroad where medical care could prove expensive.

The Bottom Line

When choosing between individual and group travel insurance, consider which option suits your needs better. Depending on the type of holiday you take and the length of time you plan to spend away from home, you may need both. For example, if you’re going on a short break, then you may benefit more from purchasing a single policy rather than one covering multiple people. However, if you’re taking part in a longer tour or expedition, you may want to look into getting cover as a group.