Top hobbies for the student that make money

Top hobbies for the student that make money

In our article, we will tell you what hobbies will help not only to take up time and develop skills but also to become a line on your CV.

  • Restoring old things

Renovating and decorating things that have worked well will help turn old junk into antiques. Restored furniture, clothing, and furnishings can be sold on the Internet or at craft fairs.

  • Comics translation

Comics is an art at the intersection of illustration and literature, the pieces of which have long ceased to be considered children’s. Many people love to read comics and Go back to the past is considered to be the best place to buy comics online. Now different countries have their own iconic stories, so you can introduce readers to foreign characters. Monetizing the work is easiest, posting translations on Instagram, other social networks, attracting subscribers, and making money on advertising. And when the comic becomes popular, offer your cooperation to publishers.

  • Soapmaking

Handmade and natural products are trends in recent years. One of the most popular and student-accessible classes is soapmaking. An artisan controls the composition, collects the fragrance composition, and thinks through the design. Handmade soap can be sold at fairs and natural cosmetics stores. And if you can’t sell it, you can always use the labor of your own creativity.

  • Photography

It’s easy to monetize your passion for taking photographs: bloggers, online retailers, and restaurants need visual content. If you don’t want to or don’t have time to work with offline clients, look at stockists and companies that need help with retouching.

  • Modeling

Fashion designers, cosmetics brands, beauty salons, and photographers working for stockists need models. To receive paid orders, collect a portfolio. Free shoots are available from like-minded rookie photographers.

  • Cosplay and historical reenactment

Interest in the events of the past has prompted young people to create a movement of re-enactors – people involved in the study of “living” history. Cosplay – recreating the image of a mass culture character – emerged in the 90s. Both hobbies can be monetized by performing at corporate parties and themed celebrations.

  • Tricks

A first-time magician doesn’t need any expensive props – a couple of card decks will be enough for a performance. You will have to practice a lot: most tricks are designed for manual dexterity and the ability to distract the audience. When you start earning, get a performance costume at the studio and work on a personal brand – people need to know that you can be trusted to celebrate and entertain guests.

  • Tech Repair

Gadgets have become a part of our lives. New products are introduced every year, but not everyone can afford to buy a smartphone to replace a broken old one. A useful hobby that can not only save your own budget but also grow into a profession.

  • Helping Students

If your strong point is studying, you need to use it. You can help other students in solving a test, doing an essay or term paper, making a report by registering on special services. Many students wonder who can write my essay, so orders appear here every day, and the price for the work is set by the author him/herself.

  • Blogging

We have already talked about the advantages and disadvantages of this way of earning. Even if you fail to monetize your blog, you won’t be left out: your personal brand can be used as a tool to promote other skills.

  • Copywriting

Learning to write is difficult, but possible. The main rule is that the text must be useful. Business is turning towards the authors who write in the infostyle, which may seem too empty to a newcomer.

The temptation to write too much in a few thousand characters can cost your reputation. There is no need to give in to it for the sake of profit if it is not the customer’s request.

  • Volunteering

You certainly can’t make a lot of money helping shelters, festivals, and charities. And basically, there are very few paid volunteer programs. However, gratitude can be different – with tickets, invitations, lunches, or merch. Volunteer experience can also be put on your CV and applied to your job.

  • Board games

There are two ways:

Designing your own game and running the parties. Think through the plot, mechanics, characters, and balance, contact an illustrator, make and test a prototype. Then you can raise money for production from crowdfunding site users or go to a publisher.

Conducting parties. Research a ready-made game world (most often it is role-playing board games that need leading wizards), get hold of miniatures, and write a scenario for the adventure. If you have no experience in tabletop RPGs, it is worth trying yourself as a player first.

  • Computer games

Not everyone enjoys playing a character at entry levels. If you spend a lot of time in online games, you can get busy “pumping” someone else’s account or passing a difficult quest. Few users manage to break into professional cybersports.

  • Streaming

Most often, streaming is engaged in fans of computer games who like to share their emotions with the audience, but online broadcasting is crowding out blogging. The monetization of this direction is advertising and cooperation with brands and donations from subscribers.

  • Baking

If you love and know how to cook, you can earn money by baking cakes, pies, and cookies for the holidays. Stock up on molds, recipes, and ingredients. It’s worth preparing for seasonality: wedding cakes are needed more often in the summer and gingerbread cookies during the New Year’s holidays.

  • Writing reviews

When you start a blog on a review site, you are your own boss. You can rate things, brands, services, and even cities. The most successful reviews go to the top and bring the author not only subscribers but also money for views.

  • Animal Sheltering

While the owners are away on vacation, take your pet to your home for a pet-sitting service. Pet owners will be happy to thank you for your concern and care. True, this way of earning is not suitable for students living in a dormitory and most rental apartments.

  • Handmade

As we said above, hand-made is now at the peak of popularity and will remain there for a very long time. Artisans sew clothes and soft toys, assemble and paint furniture, make jewelry and interior decorations. Each area has many techniques – epoxy work, scrapbooking, decoupage, patchwork, and more.

  • Cycling and skateboarding

Fans of bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and rollerblades find it hard to turn their hobby into a job. The exception is the transition to a professional sport. However, this hobby can help with a part-time job as a pedestrian courier.

We hope that our ideas came to your liking and helped you decide on the choice of part-time work. Do not forget to rest and observe the regime of the day – health is the most important thing.

You can start by learning one or two, then find your style in a combination of several of them.