Dive Deeper Into Your Astrology: A Guide to Using Planetary Signs

Dive Deeper Into Your Astrology: A Guide to Using Planetary Signs

We all know that the stars and planets rule us. But are they just a bunch of celestial bodies floating through space, or is there more to it than that?

The world of astrology is vast, and there are many ways to explore it. One way that may be new to you is exploring your planetary signs.

In this blog, Astrology TV will take you into a deeper look at the signs, their own characteristics, and how you can use them in your daily life.

What are Planetary Signs?

The world of astrology is wide, brilliant, and beautiful. It’s about understanding the movement of planets around the sky and zodiac. If you want to know what these are trying to say in your birth chart, you must first understand what planets in astrology imply.

Planets are well-known in the astronomy world. Each astrology’s planet represents a particular set of attributes and characteristics. And each rules over a distinctive aspect of our lives, each with its unique vibes and directions.

In addition, understanding the planetary symbols can help you make sense like a Sun sign. For sure, you’ll learn everything you need to decode your natal chart— and yourself.

Different Types of Planets

In Western astrology, these play an important role. Here are 10 types that makeup today’s astrology. These are the five inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) and the five outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto).


Your ego, selfishness, and general preferences are all represented by this celestial body. The sun rules the zodiac sign, Leo, a lively, dynamic fire sign known for its courage.

It’s who you are at your core—your genuine identity that survives all of life’s ups and downs. When you do what makes you happy, such as performing on stage, your creative expression shines brightly for others to see.


In astrology, the moon represents your emotional inner life. It signifies your most secret selves’ spiritual retreat.

The moon sign rules the Cancer zodiac. It’s a sensitive, protective water sign associated with nurturing, comfort, and security.


Mercury is the solar system’s innermost and smallest planet. It represents travel, technology, and communication.

Besides, this planet also represents reasoning and rationality. Thus, the moon depicts your emotions. It rules both the earth signs and air Gemini and Virgo in the zodiac sign. Each symbolizes a unique aspect of the planet’s personality.


According to a professional astrologer, Venus is a vibrant planet that represents love, beauty, and abundance. This planet is also related to personal finances. For example, the money you spend on things that offer you pleasure, good vibes, and delight.

Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. Each reflects a different aspect of Venus’s personality. The sensual Taurus is physical, while flirting Libra is cerebral.


According to Astrologers, Mars represents action, drive, and aggression. This is named after the Roman god of battle. Mars is the fire beneath your feet, producing an adrenaline-fueled burst of energy that propels you forward.

When you’re rushing to get things done or running to catch a deadline, it’s easy to become caught up in its passionate spirit. Aries, one of the reckless fire signs famed for its high-octane vivacity, is ruled by this planet.


The largest of all planets is like a lovable rogue. It’s always up for some light-hearted mischief when it has good fortune on its side. When Jupiter is in your ruling house, you are blessed with wonderful luck.

In addition, it encourages you to widen your perspectives through philosophy and spirituality. It’s the ruler of the zodiac signs Sagittarius, as well as Pisces historically.


This second largest planet represents aspects of life. It symbolizes commitment and professional accomplishment on a good day.

Moreover, this planet has your best interests at heart, despite its peculiar way of expressing its adoration. Saturn rules Capricorn, the industrious earth sign famed for its never-ending ambition.


Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, which is all about originality. Some astrologists have known this planet as a representation of the ability to innovate technology. Thus, in similarity to rebellion. This despises regulations and is continuously looking for methods to bring dynamic change.


It is a creative force, which makes sense given how artistic water symbols are. In addition, it reigns over your visions and imagination.

Neptune rules Pisces. When Neptune’s influence is felt, go wild with your creativity, but don’t forget to anchor yourself: you don’t want to be lost at sea.


Even though it’s not meeting the scientific definition, Pluto is nonetheless a significant celestial body by astrological criteria. It represents houses of strength, life lessons, destruction, and renewal. Think about the energy of light and dark, passing and rebirth, day to night, and ends into beginnings as you think of transformation. It’s linked to Scorpio, one of the enigmatic signs known for its cryptic demeanor.

Make the Most Out of Your Planetary Sign

Astrology has always been a fascinating subject for humans, and there are so many things to learn about it. So, get to know more about the rising sign, moon, and star sign. However, it’s important to understand yourself better to live a happier life – which you can do with this guide!