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Certified or Registered Mail: Which Is Better?

Did you know studies have found that 70% of American consumers feel that receiving direct mail is more personal than getting an email? You may feel the same way. Can you recall receiving something dear to you via direct mail?

If we try to compare that with the emails we get, there is no comparison. The most special items are always sent via direct mail, including wedding invitations, gifts, and get-well cards.

More sensitive subjects, such as protected health information and private legal documentation, are typically sent through direct mail with extra layers of protection, as with USPS Certified or Registered Mail.

If you are waiting for something important, wouldn’t you want additional security or even tracking? If you are mailing something out, have peace of mind that your mail will arrive at its destination with extra care.

So which is better, USPS Registered Mail or Certified Mail? Keep reading to learn more about Certified Mail vs Registered Mail.

Certified Mail

Certified Mail gets sent out with all other regular mail. It also comes with sender confirmation.

For an additional charge, you can add a Return Receipt, which notifies you once a delivery has been attempted or made. Return Receipt also includes the recipient’s signature. Insurance is also available for purchase.

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First-Class Mail

You can expect delivery in as little as 3 business days. Longer shipment times extend up to 10 business days.

Priority Mail

Have something that is a bit more time-sensitive? With Priority Mail, delivery is made between 2 to 3 business days.

Registered Mail

Registered Mail ships separately from regular mail and Certified Mail. It also includes online tracking so you may see where the package is located.

Registered Mail provides higher-level protection than Certified Mail, making it ideal for critical and high-ticket shipments. Items are mailed in locked or sealed containers.

Insurance is also provided with Registered Mail. For an additional charge, additional protection features are available.

Regardless of class, Registered Mail does not provide an estimated time of delivery. If the shipment is time-sensitive, Registered Mail is not a good option due to the manual process involved.

Which Is Cheaper, Certified or Registered Mail?

Pricing is dependent on the above options selected for your shipment. However, Certified Mail will always be cheaper than Registered Mail.

Which Is Better, Certified or Registered Mail?

Overall, it depends on what your needs are for certified or registered mail. However, we can’t help but notice that Certified Mail seems to have more advantages than Registered Mail, especially with the benefit of delivery estimation.

If you want everything Certified Mail has to offer plus insurance, you would opt for Registered Mail. The good news is that most consumer mailing needs are met with USPS Certified Mail. So next time you need to mail something out, you will likely opt for Certified Mail over Registered Mail.

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