Cartilage Restoration Treatment Options and Benefits

The cartilage restoration market had a value of about $4.80 billion in 2018 and is projected to balloon to more than $7 billion by 2026.

What this means is that if you’re suffering from knee pain or damaged cartilage, there are plenty of options available for treatment.

As such, you may be curious to learn about those treatment options as well as the benefits they provide. If so, keep reading because, in this article, we’re going over what you can expect from cartilage restoration surgery.

What Is Cartilage Restoration?

Cartilage restoration surgery is an operation. It’s performed by an orthopedic specialist who revitalizes the development of cartilage that rehabilitates regular performance. This allows for normal function as it improves joint vitality.

Additionally, conditions such as arthritis can be hindered. Or sometimes even stopped altogether via cartilage restoration surgery.

Options and Methods for Cartilage Restoration

There is a variety of treatment methods to choose from. You’ll select a particular option based on your needs, requirements, and condition.

Some of the operations for treating cartilage damage include:

Cartilage Cell Transplantation

This operation involves utilizing your own cells. They’re harvested and then reinfused within your knee to restore and raise regions that have experienced a loss of cartilage.

And this permits the restoration of maneuverability without the need for a false joint.

Arthroscopic Microfracture

Arthroscopic Microfracture assists with protecting and repairing function. It permits your body to restore the impairments. And this is accomplished via tiny holes being drilled on your knee in the location of the faulty cartilage.

Afterward, blood clots cause the emergence of a scar akin to cartilage and form tissue that repairs the inflicted area.

Arthroscopic Debridement

Assisted via a small camera as well as tiny incisions; ripped or impaired cartilage is found and cut away. This minimizes pain and reinstates mobility.

These are just a few options to consider. If you’d like to learn about additional resources and methods, be sure to visit https://travisliddellmd.com/ for more information.

The Benefits of Cartilage Restoration

Knee surgery can feel like an intimidating procedure. However, the benefits far outweigh the risks, and for this reason, there’s truly nothing to be concerned about.

Here are a few of the benefits of cartilage restoration surgery:

  • Alleviation of pain without the use of substances
  • Impeding or altogether stopping the development of arthritis
  • Reinstating function to normal operating levels
  • Impeded continuation of further damage to the cartilage
  • Hindered requirements for an operation to replace your joint(s)

As you can see, these benefits can do wonders to alleviate pain, as well as enhance your overall quality of life. And for this reason, cartilage restoration should be a consideration as a possible solution to your knee pain.

Restore Damaged Cartilage, Be Free of Pain

No one should have to suffer through knee pain unnecessarily, and with cartilage restoration, you don’t have to. Ensure you review the myriad of options available to see which method is best for you.

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