Beautiful Eyelashes

Careprost : A Long and Thick Eyelashes for Exotic Look

Beautiful eyelashes are characterized by two main features: length and volume. To seem velvety and splendid, you wish to require care of your eyelashes. Caring for eyelashes reception is uncomplicated.

First of all, concentrate on your eyes. It’s impossible to listen to the shade of mascara, but it isn’t easy to notice fluffy and expressive eyelashes. To listen to the density and wonder of your eyelashes and to note their modest absence in and of itself, you wish to require time to worry for them. This can be called in-home lash care.

How to make eyelashes stronger at home?

If your cilia fall out frequently, they become rarer and rarer, then presumably you’re not properly caring for them or using the incorrect cosmetics. The explanation is also hidden within the individual characteristics of the organism, the presence of diseases. The latter circumstance requires the eye of a physician. All told other cases, the subsequent procedures will help.

Eyelash care should occur after removing makeup, preferably before visiting the bed.

Eyelash nutrition

The composition of the eyelashes is the same because of the hair. Therefore, you ought to start with eyelash care reception with a nourishing mask. The recipe is one among the foremost effective: oil mixed with aloe juice and chopped parsley. With this tool, the overall condition of the eyelids will improve, and the cilia themselves will become stronger. Apply to light massage movements.

Have a decent effect with infusions and decoctions of herbs (sage, chamomile, cornflower, tea). On their basis, compresses for the eyes are prepared, applied to the eyelids for 10-15 minutes.

Essential and herbal eyelashes are beneficial oils: olive, coconut, burdock, almond. A good, more significant effect is achieved by mixing the oil with vitamins E and A. Such agents accelerate the reconstruction of damaged eyelashes. Apply them with a mascara brush. it’s recommended to try to do this daily for several weeks.

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Efficient way

For an immediate effect and creating long eyelashes reception.

One day, prepare a mask of potato juice, aloe, and honey. Wrap the mixture in pieces of sterile cotton and apply the resulting tampons to the eyelids for 10 minutes. Then it’s good to try and do a light massage of the sides of the eyelids, causing a drop of oil on them.

The next day, make a mask of parsley cream. You dare to wrap in gauze and apply it on your eyelids for about 20 minutes, then apply aspirant on the eyelashes, making the eyelashes thicker and giving them a brighter color.

Options for selecting masks for yourself. Finish the treatment with a light massage and apply a drop of oil to the eyelashes.


If you recognize what your lashes are like and wish more careful care than usual, use a nourishing mascara with cathartic, vitamins, and other nutrients. It’s better to abandon cheap mascara options because we are talking about eyes. And don’t forget that it’s impossible to use one bottle of ink for quite 3-4 months: it can’t only lose its properties but also harm the eyes from microbes that have accumulated in it for a long time, and even infections.

Vitamins for eyelashes

To accelerate the expansion of eyelashes, appropriate enriched compositions supported sea buckthorn, rosehip oil, castor oil. A proven recipe for fast-growing eyelashes is aperient mixed with rum within the same proportions.

Caring for eyelashes at home means creating comfortable and healthy conditions for them. A critical illness is the removal of eyelashes and eyelid cosmetics before visiting the bed. It’s better to try and do this not with soap and water, but with the assistance of specially designed cosmetics.

The application of Careprost, 0.03% eye drops to the bottom of the eyelashes once every day for a minimum of two months significantly increased both the length and thickness of the eyelashes and darkened their color. The side effects that may be observed with its use are itching, erythema, and irritation of the ocular conjunctiva, darkening of the skin within the application area, and darkening of the iris in light eyes might be permanent. The results obtained are transitory, with a duration that depends on the life cycle of the eyelash, which varies between 5 and 11 months.

Finally, it’s worth noting that these results haven’t gone unnoticed within the current cosmetic market. There are purely cosmetic products that contain prostaglandin analogs that are specifically prepared to be applied for this purpose.

The Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd laboratory markets several ophthalmological products, including drugs to resolve glaucoma, a pathology within which force per unit area increases. This medication, Bimatoprost, with the marque Lumigan not only decided glaucoma, but patients reported that their eyelashes were modified as side effects: they lengthened, thickened, and darkened. Thus the Careprost was born.

Buy Careprost could be a treatment indicated for hypotrichosis, allowing for long, thick, dark eyelashes and eyebrows. It’s precisely this characteristic of eyelashes that has always been considered an emblem of beauty in various cultures.

Careprost could be a prostaglandin analog.

The loss or decrease of the eyelashes and eyebrows (hypotrichosis) is related to the psychological shortage of attractiveness and influences.

Bimat and Careprost Eyelash Serum is the first and only medicine for treating hypotrichosis of the eyelashes and eyebrows (few and tiny eyelashes), caused by various factors like heredity, repeated trauma (waxing and removal), and aging.