PM Di Asa
Di Asa

Artist makes Di Asa winner ‘slim down’; photo goes viral

Di Asa season winner PM, known privately as Precious Mensah, has been trending in the news for the past few days.

The trend follows reports on Monday, November 19, 2019, that PM who was travelling to Dubai as apart of her prize had been stopped from boarding the Emirates plane because of her body size.

Confirming the incident in an exclusive interview with YEN TV, PM indicated she was to stand aside during the checking in while her runners-up Gaza and Maafia were allowed to go.

The news generated lots of debate and conversation on social media with many criticising Emirates for discriminating against PM.

But in a statement sighted by, Emirates Airline justified its decision not to allow PM to board their plane.

Amid the brouhaha, Addi Can Fix This, an artist who is popular on social media, has brought a hilarious angle to the who saga.

PM Di Asa
Di Asa

The artist has recreated a slim version of the Di Asa queen in a photo which has been circulating on the internet.

In the photo sighted by, the artist took off PM’s head from one of her photos to fix on a slimmer body.

Putting his creation beside the original one, Addi jokingly stated that PM can now go ahead and travel to Dubai.

The artist’s creation which has gained attention online has drawn mixed reactions from social media users.

While some have fun it to be the fund side of the whole saga and laughed over it, others have not been pleased with it.

PM herself shared the artist’s work with a caption suggesting that she did not like it.

PM Di Asa
Di Asa

See see see me de33 am done with social media ooo, I will even delete my page soon.

What is this??? 

If I know the person who did this eerr like I will let Police arrest you for me…..Aaaba