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Are Sports Betting Apps Legal in Canada? How to Choose Them?

If you live in Canada and have a passion for betting, you may know about the history. It is a very rich history of sports gambling that has evolved quite a bit. Today, we have Tim Harrison from BetZillion among us to reflect on it.

Tim will walk you through the legal aspects of betting in Canada throughout the journey. Do you know what else he will do for The News God readers?

He has the best Canadian sports betting app list right here! Tim plans to educate you on what features you should look for when opting for sports and Esports apps. We’re excited because it will be an intense learning experience for all of us.

If you’re concerned about the legality of sports betting in Canada, Tim has good news. It’s been legal since 1985! Primarily, it was handled through the provincial lotteries, which are the ultimate legal entities when it comes to betting in the country.


Since sports betting began, Canadian punters have had access to everything except single-game wagering. It simply means the ability to place bets on a single match only.

Are you wondering why the government imposed such a weird rule? We were wondering too. Luckily, betting expert Tim Harrison came to the rescue again.

It was a fair practice. If you bet on a single game, you may try to alter the game’s outcome by match-fixing for your benefit. By eliminating single-game wagering, it ensured that punters didn’t get any unfair advantages.

Although it sounds very far-fetched in the current context, it was very much possible back in the day, especially when the law was passed.

Thankfully, things are changing for the punters. The latest C-218 bill in August 2021 now allows single-game wagering! Not only that, but the bill also gives power to the individual provinces to regulate online gambling as they see fit.

Ontario is one of the first provinces to step up and legalize online sports betting completely. The first set of licensed bookmakers is supposed to go live on April 4, 2022! Of course, the licensing authority, in this case, is the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Some of the brands destined to include FanDuel, BetMGM, The Score, and Bet365!

Although we were ready to move on to the next portion of The News God interview, Tim stopped us. There’s another piece of the puzzle that we haven’t discussed yet.

It’s the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC)

KGC has been operating as an independent regulatory body to provide licenses to prospective operators since 1996! Interestingly, the Canadian government never acknowledged KGC as a legal authority to offer licenses.

It operates out of the Mohawk territory and never had any regulatory issues. However, as the C-218 bill passed, KGC suspects that its licensed partners may not comply with the regulatory protocols imposed.

The bottom line is the legal aspects of betting in Canada are still quite raw. So, we may have to wait for a few months and observe the impacts of the newly passed bill.

Sports Betting and Esports Apps in Canada

Before we go into the details, Tim thinks it’s only fair to shed some light on the esports scene of Canada, mainly after he talked so much about traditional sports betting.

The primary regulatory body for esports in the country is Canada Esports Association. It’s working relentlessly to improve the esports culture in Canada by providing educational programs to prospects. The goal is to quickly pump out more diverse esports teams like the FaZe Clan.

“The reason I’m talking about Esports is because there’s a huge market for esports betting right now. Not just in Canada but all over the world.” – he clarifies.

Now, Tim Harrison from BetZillion will take you through the process of navigating through the best sports betting apps in the country.

A License Is Mandatory

The answer to “is betting legal in Canada” can be answered based on the license alone. If the bookmaker is licensed, it’s legal to participate. It doesn’t matter if it’s licensed by the province, Kahnawake Gaming Commission, or any other licensing authority worldwide.

The same applies to sports and Esports apps too. If the platform is licensed, you should find the information on the app somewhere. If you can’t, don’t forget to check the desktop website first before starting real money transactions.


The betting apps Tim has suggested at the very beginning of the interview are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. And he believes it’s an essential thing to consider. Some apps may have both versions, but the user reviews vary quite a bit.

According to Tim, it’s best to download the apps directly from the bookmaker’s website. You don’t risk flushing your smartphone with viruses or malware. Also, he recommends using the app for a while before depositing.


Desktop websites don’t need as severe optimization as mobile interfaces do. It’s primarily because desktop screens have been around forever, and developers have mastered the art of optimizing for them.

But for mobile apps, the proficiency is still not there yet. Tim says you don’t have to worry about optimization if you stick to his list. But if you want to go independent, this is something to keep in mind.

Bonuses & Promotions

Tim believes that promotions are the number 1 reason behind the massive popularity of online sportsbooks and casinos. We have to agree with him because promotions are something we haven’t seen in land-based establishments.

When it comes to sports and Esports apps, you should look at the promotion’s library. If you’re lucky, you may come across operators who only offer exclusive bonuses for mobile users. If not, you should still get access to the complete bonus library of the desktop site.


If you dig around the internet, it’s surprising how much information you can surface nowadays. Tim advises all Canadian punters to use this tactic and do reputation research on the app. It may include optimization, customer support, technical issues, odds competitiveness, and many other things.

When you do a reputation check before you download the app, you have a better idea of what to expect.

Final Words

As days go by, mobile gambling is becoming more and more popular. It’s especially true for sports betting because most events are time-sensitive. You need to place the bets before the match starts.

Thanks to the betting master Tim Harrison, who has been an integral part of BetZillion, for granting us the time and effort regarding sports betting apps in Canada. Hopefully, you now know more than you did before you started reading.