Having Bees

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Bees In Or Around Your House

We all have heard about the importance of honey bees for our ecosystem. Yes, they are essential for us and our environment. But do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of having bees in or around your home?

Let’s have a look at both advantages and disadvantages of Bees and see if it’s worth keeping a beehive in your home or backyard or having it removed by bee services in Miami, FL, is better.

Advantages Of Bees

  1. Plant Pollination

Plants need bee pollination to produce food for human consumption. Bees are a great way of increasing the production of fruits and vegetables. It would be almost impossible to have a good harvest without bee pollination.

Farmers often contract beekeepers to ensure higher yield by letting beehives grow near or on the farms. Without the bees, humans will lose a large part of their food source.

  1. Honey Production

Bees are the only insects capable of producing honey from the nectar. It’s estimated that one beehive has 100 pounds of liquid honey each year. And honey is also called liquid gold for all valid reasons. And while we all love honey for the sweet taste, honey also adds numerous minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to our diets.

Honey has adequate levels of vitamins B1, B3, and B6. It also has minerals like iron, potassium, calcium, and zinc. It is also a healthy alternative for sugar in many food items. Honey is a product that beekeepers have been producing for years, and it’s a great way of making an extra income as well.

  1. Useful Byproducts

Beekeepers can use beehive products like bee wax, honey, and propolis (bee glue) that have commercial value. Raw honey is something that’s always in high demand. It also has medicinal properties and also has a longer shelf life.

Bee Wax and propolis are helpful in wood furniture making. Bee wax is also used to make candles, polish concrete countertops, and waterproof leather. Apart from these, all those byproducts can also fight off infections.

Disadvantages Of Bees:

  1. Stings

Bees can give you painful stings. Bees are 1% of the bee population that die after stinging someone. This bee dies due to its barbs on bee stingers that lodge into the victim’s skin and tear away from the bee’s abdomen, killing it.

Even when those stings kill the bees themselves, they are also dangerous for humans. The stings are excruciating. Since the stingers are barbered, the sting will stay inside your body once the bee stings you. Removing it with tweezers as soon as is the best option in such cases.

Attracts Other Pests

When it comes to sweet things, we all know there are a lot of pests that are attracted to them. And who won’t love honey? While bees can protect themselves, if you have a beehive, there are chances that an ant colony will appear nearby in a few weeks.

Mice are also known to mess around the beehives and mess up the surroundings. Apart from the pests, other animals are also easily attracted to honey.

What To Do With A Bee Hive Then?

While the advantages bees provide are amazing, we cannot ignore the disadvantages. Getting a sting from them is a painful experience that we will always avoid. Not to forget the nasty pests a beehive will attract. The best bet is to call bee services in Miami, FL. You can even get free estimates from All Bees Removal by sending them pictures of the hive for more convenience.

Once you decide to get rid of the hive, you can let the beekeepers do their job removing and relocating. This method ensures that you get rid of the bees from your home, and the bees get a safer place to thrive as well.

With the removal and relocation services, bee services can help both the humans and the bees to live peacefully, away, and safe from each other. So if you have noticed a beehive inside your home or in your backyard, feel free to contact bee services for removal and relocation of the hive.