Add Light And Colors To A Space With Neon Lamp

People are using neon signs and neon lights around the globe. These products help to add neon lighting and colors to a specific place. Due to the development in technology, you can find signs made from PVC tubing and LED bulbs. They are handcrafted and eco-friendly. You can also find great products like a neon lamp.

In this article, we will talk everything about Echo LED Neon Lamp. Keep reading to know more about lamps:

About Neon Lamps

A neon lamp is a fabulous product made from LED lights and PVC piping. It will brighten your favorite space or corner and add a soft glow. This lamp ignites at good striking voltage. You can hang or leave it standing against a wall or piece of furniture. The best quality cool neon lamps are available at Echo Neon, the first LED Neon maker in the US. The Echo LED neon lamp is perfect to use for your house, office, recording studio, special event, and much more.

These night lights are available in colors such as green, soft white, purple, orange, red, blue, etc. This neon light comes with wall hanging clips & screws. You can use it by plug-in only. It is far better than the traditional signs that are much expensive.

Qualities Of Echo LED Neon Lamp

The cool neon lamp from the company Echo Neon has many great qualities. Below you can check all the vital details about this stunning product:

  • The Echo LED neon lamps save energy as it consumes less electricity than the traditional neon signs. 
  • It is safe to use as it does not contain any toxic gas. So this product is child-safe as well.
  • The lamps will make your favorite space more stylish and beautiful with its glow and color. 
  • You can afford this lamp as it does not use much energy. So it will not be going to impact your electricity bill.  
  • The Echo LED  lamp is light in weight than glass neon. You can easily hang or leave against a wall or other thing. It has a 60,000+ hours lifespan.

Cost Of Echo LED Neon Lamp

Echo Neon is selling its neon lamps at a very reasonable price. It is completely affordable for the customers. This product is made from high-quality materials like PVC piping and LED lights. You will not be going to regret spending money on this stunning display. At this time, the lamp is available at the cost of $68.00 at Echo Neon. You can easily purchase this product from the website of Echo Neon.

Delivery Of Echo LED Neon Lamp

After customers place orders for lamps, the process of production will start. Then the order will leave for shipping. The estimated time of arrival for the Echo LED neon lamp is  6-8 business days. Talking about the packaging, the lamps shipped with bubble wrap inside a corrugated cardboard box. In this time of coronavirus pandemic, they are successfully delivering all their products to the customers.