What is process paper format

A Painless Way of Writing a Process Paper

Have you been assigned to write a process paper? Do not rush to panic and hurry to type in search “pay someone to write my paper”. You’ll soon understand how easy it is. We could hardly meet a person that is not able to learn how to do something step by step. It can be a recipe, or an installation manual for household appliances, or whatever else. You don’t even realize how often you explain some process yourself. For example, when you explain to your parents how to install some software or explain how to get somewhere to a stranger.

After you take a closer look at writing a process paper, you may even end up liking it. We’ll tell you about the structure, the format and the topic, and we will give you little tips.

Q: What are process papers?

It is a type of essay in which you are to explain to the reader how to do something. It may be quite different, and sometimes unexpected things. For example, you may write about how to grow a rose or about how to conduct a physical experiment. The main condition of writing it is that you need to have experience with doing the process you describe. Actually, it doesn’t make sense to write about something that you never tried. In that case, you are not aware of details and potential problems and can’t give a proper explanation about what to do.

Q: What does a process paper consist of?

A process paper consists of the following parts:

Intro paragraph

Why is it important? For example, your topic is on how to make bird feeders. Write that birds have complications with finding food in cities and how it is important for their breed. You may also mention the value of a bird’s living.


What preparations should they make? This means that for some processes, people should have special equipment. For bird feeders, it is wood, a hammer, lacquer, etc.

What are the steps? Here you describe the process step by step. Your points shouldn’t be too little. For example, if you need to batter down a nail, do not write: “Take a hammer, then take a nail, then batter it down.” These three parts you can substitute by one. Narrow steps are appropriate when your process concerns some meticulous work, for example, when you describe a chemical experiment or baking a wedding cake, etc.

What is process paper format


What is the result? Describe the result that readers should get. Mention some problems that they might have. For instance, your bird feeder may be poorly polished or unevenly painted. Furthermore, your target is not only to envisage possible complications but to provide ready-made solutions.

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Why is it valuable? In fact, you repeat your main idea. The only difference is that now it has more connection with reality. You should also mention how the reader’s life changes after doing that process. For example, he or she helps the environment, gains new skills, paves the way for more ambitious work, and so on and so forth.

Q: What is process paper format?

Ask your instructor to specify the format. Today, we’ll provide you with MLA format requirements.

Font: 12 pt, Times New Roman.

Spacing: double-spaced.

Margins: one-inch on the top, bottom, left, and right.

Aligning: lined up evenly at the left margin.

Indentation: 1/2 inch, or five spaces (the first line of every paragraph).

Page Numbers: the upper right corner of every page. Also, you need to write your last name here.

Heading: your name, your class, the instructor’s name, and the date flushed left.

Title: centered below the heading. No quotation marks, no underlining, no italics, and no bold.

Q: What are paper process topics?

The topic you should pick should meet these requirements:

  • You’ve done this process plenty of times.
  • It is interesting for a wide group of people.
  • This process is not too obvious.

Tips: If it is, try to make it more complex. For example, if you were going to write about how to fry eggs, it would be better to write how to make a poached egg.

  • You have an opportunity to repeat this process before writing.

Tips: When you describe complex and painstaking processes, you need to know the tiniest details. And when you haven’t done something for a long time, you forgot it. Or, you can go another way: do thorough research and remember all the details.

Our topic list

  • Make a toy
  • Build a dog house
  • Become a beekeeper
  • Choose your first apartment for rent
  • Baking the perfect cheesecake
  • Drawing characters of comics
  • Knitting a sweater

These topics are only to inspire you. In fact, you know what you are good at.