A Comprehensive Guide to Starting Your Binary Options Trading Journey

Several binary options have made headlines recently. Hence, it is usually presented as a scam to people. But like every other trading market, it can yield great returns on investment if done correctly. Binary options trading refers to exotic options wherein the investors either get a fixed amount or nothing at all, hence the name.

Investors have to predict whether an asset’s price will increase from the current level or decrease. If the prediction is correct, they get the fixed winning price, or everything is gone. Many people think of binary options as a scam because continuously predicting the market is difficult. But it is not impossible.

Binary options can provide several benefits, including well-defined risks and rewards, higher returns, and minor investments, and it is even easier than Forex. However, what you get from binary options trading depends on embracing the journey.

Education and Knowledge Is of Prime Importance

The first thing you need to do is get educated about binary options. It is not as simple as it may seem. Additionally, many fraudsters are waiting to take advantage of uneducated investors. If you jump right into the market without knowledge, you too can get scammed. If you become a victim, seek help from binary options scam recovery experts to get your money back.

You also need to understand several other things, such as:

  • How binary options work
  • Available options to trade on
  • Factors that can affect the positioning of binaries
  • What is the right time to sell a binary

Which Broker to Trade With

You will find hundreds of brokers online to start binary options trading. But you need to choose wisely. Many brokers will promise low-cost or low-risk offers but are frauds. Similarly, there are many other factors you need to consider while selecting a binary options broker.


Do ample research to find out if the broker is regulated. It is the most critical factor as unregulated brokers are usually frauds. Check for reputed regulatory authorities, like FSA, ASIC, CySEC, etc.

Payout Percentage

Making correct predictions gets you a fixed amount in binary options. Hence, the payout percentage you get is essential. Go for a regulated broker that gives you a higher payout on most binaries, 65% at least.

Initial Deposits

To officially start trading with a broker, you must make a minimum initial deposit. Every broker has a different initial deposit requirement. Some allow you to start with as little as $10, while others require $50 or $100. If you are beginning your journey, it is best to go with the one that allows trading with low initial deposits.

Demo Accounts

Demo accounts are vital to get used to the technicalities of a particular platform. They also allow you to try different approaches and create a perfect strategy to make you profits. Go for a broker that will enable you to trade in demo accounts without any limits or restrictions. For instance, many brokers give you a fixed amount of money in the demo account. But some provide unlimited money so that you can try all the strategies.

Create the Strategy That Will Give Returns

Based on the results from the demo accounts, create your ideal strategy to make you one of the top gainers. However, this does not end your job. Since financial markets fluctuate daily, you need to keep modifying and enhancing your plan. Just because something is working for you today does not mean it will work for you in the future.

When you create a strategy, stick to it. Of course, this is not true for all situations. For instance, sometimes, you might have a strong gut feeling to deviate from the strategy. However, do that only if you have conclusive evidence or a strong gut feeling that deviating will be a better choice.

Deposit Money and Get Started

Once you have practiced in the demo accounts and created a great strategy, it’s time to make your initial deposit and start trading. When an opportunity presents itself, go ahead and make your first trade.

Final Thoughts

Binary options trading can make you a lot of passive income if done correctly. Hence, it is vital to take the correct approach. Finding the right broker is the most critical step here. It lays the foundation for you. But if you end up selecting the wrong broker and get scammed, reach out to a binary options scam recovery expert to get your money back and start fresh with a better platform. Follow the steps mentioned in this guide to select the perfect broker for you and start your trading journey.