8 Ways to Ensure A Secure Online Payment on The Internet

8 Ways to Ensure A Secure Online Payment on The Internet

The internet and the various data present had become the new oil. And with the pandemic lockdown, people not being able to get off their jokes, has made the internet their part and parcel of lives. The buying behavior of customers has also changed rapidly towards online purchases and online payment modes.

Things for Which You Need to Make an Online Payment

There exists a wide array of things for which you need to make online payments. We generally pay the following online:

  • Electricity and other domestic bills
  • Mobile phone bills
  • Installments and other EMIs of loans
  • To purchase garments and apparels
  • To order food online
  • To transfer money to a person

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Advantages of Online Payment

With online payment, people have become lazier to step out and shop or get things for themselves. But it offers you a lot of advantages as well:

  • It saves a lot of time. You need not visit the bank or the shop to transfer your money. Everything is done within a minute.
  • It is efficient in reducing the queues at the stores. And with fewer queues, the salesperson can focus on other things too.
  • You can be cashless. You need not carry a lot of liquid cash when traveling and just need to carry your digital cards to make the transactions.
  • It saves paper and hence trees. With no paper receipts, a lot of paper is being saved.

8 Tips and Tricks to Ensure A Safe and Secure Payment on The Internet

  1. Keep your passwords safe: Be very particular about your credit or debit card passwords or net banking passwords or any other fintech app password. Even if it is your phone or computer, never save it in there. Attach your fingerprint with the codes. Use a difficult password that has upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Use different passwords for different online payment platforms.
  2. After online payment, make sure to log out from the banking app and don’t save any information when online on the internet.
  3. Check the e-commerce payment partner’s authenticity before any transaction. Trusted ones like PayPal can be used.
  4. Never shop or purchase anything and make an online payment for that, when you are using the data from public Wi-Fi. Always use your phone’s data or use your home’s Wi-Fi.
  5. Issue a temporary credit card which is issued by some companies for their customers. These are meant for one-time transactions only. In case it is stolen, the details would not be valid anymore. Though for regular use, you need to issue another card with a lower limit.
  6. Do not share any OTP with anyone. The platforms that require OTP are mostly online on the internet. Nobody will call you and ask for any OPT. Always ignore such a call.
  7. Try buying and purchasing your things from a reputed online merchant, that is authentic and trust-worthy.
  8. Try using a dedicated email address. At max, make two email IDs- one for your personal usage and the other for your professional usage.

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