7-eleven property for sale
7-eleven property for sale

7-Eleven Property for Sale: Why Franchising Might Be Your Best Bet as a Budding Real Estate Investor

While you can purchase regular properties to eke out a living as a landlord, seasoned investors are turning towards franchising due to the positives attached.

Currently, the US consumer market is rapidly evolving, and thus, entering into a franchising agreement with an industry “bigwig” is essential to get you abreast of the inner workings involved.

While patrons have varying wants, they patronize certain businesses because these entities can get their needs all sorted without hassles. When you franchise with a reliable brand, you can efficiently and effectively penetrate the market. Additionally, these investments help strengthen your real estate portfolio.

With so many brands offering franchising opportunities, picking the right one is essential. Consequently, you have to do in-depth research to sift out options that will benefit your long-term goals. Nevertheless, if you want an entity with a proven track record, it might be time to set your sights on 7-Eleven.

Before you get all anxious to find 7 Eleven for sale, it’s crucial to get a hold of all the facts. In this article, we’ll be looking at what this entity has to offer, its franchising process, and reasons why investing in a 7-Eleven property for sale is worth the hassle.

The Calm Before the Storm: A Brief Look at 7-Eleven’s History

Coming to the fore in 1927, 7-Eleven was initially called the “Tote’m Store.” This convenience brand sold fresh products using ice as a preservative in its early years. As time went on, they ventured into gasoline sales.

While the great depression saw this entity hit hard times, they marked a turnaround after World War II. Now rebranded as 7-Eleven, the company expanded operations quickly in the 1950s and 1960s.

During the 1960s, 7-Eleven introduced its 24-hour stores. Due to its unprecedented success and major entities copying this strategy, it’s safe to say that 7-Eleven pioneered 24/7 stores in the United States.

In the 70s and 80s, 7-Eleven had expanded operations to other jurisdictions like Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. Although the year 1987 saw the company’s stock fall to an all-time low, the acquisition of 7-Eleven by a huge Japanese entity saw its fortunes change. With this purchase, 7-Eleven established itself at the apex of the American convenience industry.

According to a recent report, 7-Eleven has 70,200 operational stores worldwide. Although many of these stores are in Japan (20,988), the United States fields over 9,000 active locations.

With astronomic numbers like this, it’s no surprise why investors are looking towards 7-Eleven stores to kick-start a franchise. Now that we’ve gotten the historical aspect all sorted, let’s look at the process involved in securing a 7-Eleven for sale in California or other regions in the United States.

Securing a 7-Eleven Franchise: Is There a Set Process to Follow?

To franchise that 7-Eleven property for sale, you don’t just invest out of the blue. With this in view, 7-Eleven has a “seven” step process you’ll need to fulfill before opening the doors to your new franchise.

They are as follows:

Step One: Review Your Qualifications

To be eligible for a 7-Eleven franchise, you must:

  • Be a US citizen that’s at least 21 years old.
  • Submit to and pass a thorough background check.
  • Not having business plans and aspirations impeding you from implementing 7-Eleven values in your franchise.

Step Two: Apply

When you pass the comprehensive check, you’ll receive an invite from an account executive to make business-themed deliberations.

Step Three: Assessments and Meetings

When you meet with the account executive, you’ll have a platform to discuss your results with them. A detailed review of these outcomes determines the next course of action.

Step Four: Pick Your Stores

Whether you’d like a 7-Eleven for sale in Florida or any other state that tickles your fancy, the choice is up to you. Remember, you’ll have to take adequate care of the residents in that location.

Step Five: We Make You an Offer

Here, 7-Eleven makes you an offer. If you agree to the terms attached to this contract, your franchise is OFFICIAL.

Step Six: Training Begins

Before you commence operations at your 7-Eleven franchise, the entity will fly you out to their training boot camp in Dallas, Texas. Here, you’ll get all the pointers needed for a successful business venture.

Step Seven: Celebrate With Your Community

Now, it’s time to cut the “ribbon” leading to your franchise. Make this event grand as it’ll be a sign of things to COME.

Three Reasons Why You Should Engage a 7-Eleven Franchise

When you invest in a 7-Eleven Property for Sale, you might have some reservations before you get the business up and running.

However, with the US convenience industry amassing $650 billion in 2020 alone, franchising a 7-Eleven has perks. Here, we’ll be looking at three significant benefits, including:

1.   Seamless Start-Up

Setting up a personal business isn’t an effortless endeavor as you’ll need to get your finances all sorted. While you might get it all right, it’s possible that your business still falls short. That said, with a 7-Eleven franchise, you don’t have to worry about hindrances that accompany the “solo” entrepreneurial path.

For context, 7-Eleven gets you started with the needed financing required to take your franchise to the next level. Additionally, 7-Eleven provides special discounts for military veterans. With these incentives, commencing operations is easy PEASY.

2.   Top-notch Support

With 7-Eleven, you get all the support you need. As we’ve established, you’ll have to participate in a special 7-ElevenProperty for Sale training camp held in Dallas, Texas. You can get your franchise off to a FLYER by adopting the nuggets given.

When you commence operations and run into issues, 7-Eleven consultants will use their industry knowledge to help you overcome technical challenges. What’s more? They’re available 24/7!

3.   An Unimpeded Revenue Stream

Making profits is the dream of every investor, and if you’re into a 7-Eleven franchise, you get just that. Due to the brand’s reputation, you don’t have to worry about building a clientele as there’s a market already.

However, to maintain this revenue stream, you’ll have to make concerted efforts to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.


With 9,000+ locations, 7-Eleven has made a sizable claim to the convenience industry. By seeking out a 7-Eleven property for sale to necessitate a franchise, you’re in line for so many benefits, including low-risk and high profits.

While a 7-Eleven franchise seems excellent, you’ll have to go through a set process. By meeting 7-Eleven’s detailed requirements, you can commence operations quickly.

For those looking to kick-start a NNN or franchise with a 7-Eleven structureand Property for Sale, do it the right way by checking the listings attached to buynnnproperties. With the market becoming saturated by the day, now’s the best time to make a MOVE.