5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying a GPS Tracker

5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying a GPS Tracker

A GPS tracking device is an investment that gives you more returns than you can imagine. It protects your family, your assets, and you. With crime rates drastically increasing, you should have some backup or assistance, and what’s better than having your backup in your pocket whenever you need it? A GPS tracker helps you keep tabs on a lot of things including your loved ones and your assets.

Want to know where you left your car in the parking lot? Or do you want to make sure your teen is driving safely on the road? Maybe you want extra protection to find your pet quickly if it ever gets lost. You can see where they are at all times, from the convenience of your phone. You can even attach your GPS tracking device to your luggage while you are enjoying your vacation. All you need is an electronic device like a phone, tablet, or laptop and a stable internet connection. 

GPS Trackers- A Boon 

GPS trackers have become a part of the day-to-day lives of many. Many industries require GPS trackers. Drivers and fleet managers, in particular, cannot operate without them. Without GPS navigation, fleet management and direction would nearly be impossible. 

Leaving your child home alone or sending them on field trips has never been this stressful. With a tracker

Here are some features you can use to make your day-to-day life easier with a GPS tracker. 

  • Real-time tracking– Know the location of your loved ones and precious assets at all times.
  • Global coverage– Many GPS tracking devices come with 4G global coverage. You can keep a tab on the tracker from wherever you are in the world.
  • Geofencing- With geofencing, you can make maps and barriers by a simple drag and drop on your electronic device. Every time your device enters or exits a geofence, you will get a prompt alert. It is an excellent way of setting safety barriers and keeping track of where your tracker enters. If you use it for the elderly or a teen, you can always promptly make sure they are in safe areas with this feature. 
  • Modern Amenities- Some trackers come with modern features that make GPS tracking easier for you. Some trackers come with in-built hotspot provisions, allowing you to be connected to the world wherever you are. GPS trackers can integrate with Alexa- Amazon’s voice service, making the community a hundred times more efficient! 
  • User-friendly interface- Most GPS trackers come with free apps which are easy to use. You can install these apps on your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, PCs, etc. All you need is an electronic device and a stable internet connection. 

5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying a GPS Tracker

Congratulations! You have chosen to make a good investment and have found the right article. Here are 5 things you need to remember before opting for a GPS tracker. 

A Portable or Wired Set-up

GPS tracking devices are of two types- portable and wired trackers. Depending upon the flexibility and your requirement, you can choose between them. Both trackers come with pros and cons of their own. If you want to use a tracker for just one vehicle (a car, boat, or ATV), wired trackers are the way to go. A wired tracker connects itself to the engine. It’s easy and standard in its usage and will not take up much of your time. 

However, portable GPS trackers are versatile and do not need an elaborate installation. You can use the same device to track multiple things. You can use these trackers safely and discreetly for any purpose. Most portable trackers are small enough to fit in one’s pocket, making them convenient and fit for all. 

Battery Life 

Different GPS trackers have different battery lives. Unfortunately, they aren’t standardized. A wired GPS tracker typically will not need charging. On the other hand, a portable tracker may need a charge anytime between once in two weeks to once in six months. It depends on the tracker you choose and the features it exhibits. Some trackers come with a six-month-long sleep mode battery as well. 

Payment Options 

Depending from company to company, the payment methods and costs also differ. Some organizations offer nominal pricing for the hardware and monthly subscription that you can cancel as and when you like. Some companies sell hardware for a higher price but with extra benefits that you may or may not require. Some give the option of a one-time payment, where you pay a specific amount once and never have to pay again. The tracker is all yours, and you do not have any monthly subscription fees to pay!

If you plan on using the tracker for a long time, the trackers with a one-time payment-only option are a good choice for you. You may also want to explore different trackers before settling on one. In this case, trackers with a monthly subscription are ideal.

Emergency Alerts 

Depending upon why you need a tracker, you should consider the type of emergency alerts a GPS tracker will give you. Many trackers give instant notifications when they detect tampering or collision with an object. Most trackers give instant alerts when the tracker leaves or enters a geofence, while some trackers can notice excessive fuel consumption and hard braking. They will notify you when the data collected requires urgent attention. 

Some trackers also come with a manual SOS feature. All you have to do is click on the SOS button. The app will immediately transmit an emergency alert. Some trackers also come with two-way calling features, making communication easier. 

If you are using the tracker for your children, your parents, or grandparents, trackers with manual SOS and two-way calling are a better choice. It gives you more command over communication during an emergency. 

Otherwise, if the tracker is for a vehicle, trackers with instant notifications if tampering or collision is detected are what you should ideally buy. 

Many trackers also provide customized reports with the data they collect. If you want to keep track of the alerts and data, the tracker records these GPS devices are ideal for the job. 

Organizational Support

It is not only the quality of the product that matters, but that of the organization you buy it from as well. Customers now look at quality client support as a part of the package. Choosing a brand with good customer support lets you relax too. You will always have someone to fall back on. 

Many organizations have an active customer support system. They offer 24×7 helplines for your guidance. Some provide refunds and product replacements under a specific period, while some offer a lifetime warranty on their products. Depending on how much organizational support you may need, you can consider buying a product from them. Also, check reviews on verified sites like Amazon before making a purchase. 

Buying a GPS tracker can be tedious, but it is a payment that pays off. Out of all the best GPS trackers in the market, there may be many that suit your needs and wants. Choose wisely, as a GPS tracker eventually becomes a member of your day-to-day life! Now that you have gone through everything you need to know before buying a tracker, making the perfect purchase should not be too hard. Happy shopping!