Injured construction worker laying on floor after fall

5 Things You Need to Do If You’ve Been In a Construction Accident

If you’re a construction worker, you know that accidents happen and that you can get injured on a construction site.

But when a construction accident happens, sometimes you don’t know what to do. Here are the five most important things you need to do if you find yourself with a construction injury.

1. Report the Incident

First off, if there is a construction accident, your first thing to do is report the incident to a manager or supervisor. This helps to mitigate someone else receiving the same injury because of negligence.

Reporting the incident also helps in the long run as well as it serves as documentation to the company that this thing did happen and it was reported correctly and taken care of.

2. Seek Medical Help

After receiving an injury on the job, the best decision is to seek medical attention immediately. Depending on the injury, not dealing with it expediently can pose serious risks.

It’s recommended that you have your doctor check for any abnormalities that could pose long-term problems such as internal bleeding, fractures, concussions, etc.

3. Gather Pertinent Information

When submitting a claim on a worker’s injury, it’s imperative to gather information to solidify your case. There are many people every year who issue false claims to attempt to defraud the company.

For this reason, companies have become far more adept at finding out which claims are fraudulent. Even if your claim isn’t fraudulent, they have become adept at not having to pay worker’s compensation.

So to make sure they aren’t able to do that, go to the scene and collect evidence: take pictures, get coworker accounts of the incident, any evidence that you can use to prove your claim.

4. Claim Worker’s Compensation

By law, construction workers come to the job with a fair amount of assurances because they understand how dangerous the job can be.

Workers compensation is one of these. Claiming workers comp isn’t a walk in the park, though. That’s why when trying to figure this part out; it’s good to call a lawyer such as the ones at Law Offices Of Louis Grandelli.

They can help you navigate this part and give you insight into how to get most of what you’re asking for.

5. Focus On Your Recovery

Ultimately you were hurt on the job, so your most imperative objective is to heal yourself and get healthy again so that you’re able to return to work.

Recovery can be a lengthy process, especially when coupled with the stress of a possibly even more prolonged and stressful legal battle. This is when your health is crucial to help you get through a worker’s compensation suit.

What to Do After a Construction Accident

When working at a construction site, a construction accident can and will happen eventually. But if it’s you, then you should prepare yourself for that inevitability.

Don’t get shorted when it’s you who has suffered a work injury; know what you need to do, and prep yourself before it’s too late. For other articles like this one, be sure to look at the rest of our blog.