5 Sensible Reasons to Install Lifts

5 Sensible Reasons to Install Lifts

Are you considering installing a lift in your home or business? Studies show that nearly one in five Australians have disabilities, including ones that cause mobility problems, according to the Australian Network on Disability. If you struggle with everyday tasks like walking up and down the stairs, elevators lifts  are a practical option. There are various reasons you should consider having one installed in your residence or business, including these:


You might be surprised how affordable lifts can be. There are different factors involved, including the number of storeys in your home or workplace, type of lift, and so on. However, if you choose wisely when selecting a lift, you can find reasonable rates for the lift and its installation.

This wise decision makes the option a practical alternative to stairs for household members or company employees. It’s even ideal for small businesses, which make up about one-third of all Australian businesses.

Such companies generate less income but still need to make investments in their businesses. This option can help improve the business and boost revenue, which are both essential for all businesses. For residences with disabled or special needs members, a lift may be a reasonable expense under the NDIS plan, government-supported insurance in Australia for people with disabilities.


When your household or employees have to move heavy loads, it can be exhausting due to the heavyweights and dangerous due to the risk of accidents. Government data show that Australian workers cover about three-quarters of the cost related to job-related injuries and diseases. Other possible effects include sick leave and lower productivity.

Meanwhile, if a household member experiences an accident due to a fall-related to the stairs, it can also create various effects on your household. That includes monetary costs. Besides, the family member might be unable to attend work or do household chores, which can significantly affect them.


The amount of experience the lift installer has will vary. Some companies have decades or even about a century of industry experience. This will provide a better overall experience. That’s because the company will have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to provide customers with better customer service.

On the other hand, you might have the opposite experience if you select a startup company. You can choose from various lift companies in Australia, but some of them have only been in the industry for a short time.


When selecting a lift company, you can find one that provides various services, including planning, installation, and maintenance. These are all critical features to look for since they can provide the best overall experience.

Service and maintenance are among some of the most important services to look for when selecting a company. After a company installs your lift, regular maintenance is important to maximize the lift’s efficiency. If you also experience needed repairs, it’s more efficient for the lift installer to handle them instead of hiring a different company.


Some online companies also offer brick-and-mortar showrooms. This provides several benefits including an opportunity to see the different lifts available in person. It will make it easier to select a lift that best suits your needs. This process is similar to other major investments like autos or appliances. It’s easier to make a decision about which lift is right for you by seeing the options available in a showroom.

When selecting lifts, there are several features to look for. They include a lift’s efficiency and affordability, and the company’s age and service. Such features can help to take your lift-shopping experience to great heights.