5 Reasons to Use a Professional Voice Over for Your Video Production

Over 80% of internet traffic comes from video content. This figure should encourage your company to use more videos for brand promotion. However, the lack of a professional voice-over could hinder your efforts.

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1. A Professional Voice-Over Makes Videos Engaging

When adding subtitles or text to your videos, you’re forcing viewers to split their attention. They’re reading and paying attention to your visuals at the same time. It makes absorbing your brand message harder as a result.

Your videos become less engaging and sometimes frustrating. Viewers process information more efficiently when they see and hear it. With proper voice-over, you can explain your live-action or animation video better.

2. No One Likes the Sound of Their Voice

As an American business owner, keeping costs down is a must. It’s tempting to do the voice-over work on your own. However, it can be a costly mistake.

After all, people hate hearing their voices. It leads you to spend lots of time and money reading scripts for your videos. Consider outsourcing the task to keep yourself from hating every video on your website and social media channels.

3. Handling In-House Voice-Overs Are Time-Consuming

A low-budget voice-over will also lower your video quality. If your audio sounds like a tunnel recording, it turns viewers away. After all, no one likes sudden pops and heavy breathing.

Meanwhile, professional voice actors have already dedicated time to mastering their voice-overs. They complement their skill with high-quality recording equipment and software. The best part is they have recording studios to avoid external noises.

When you outsource voice actors, your video production value will increase. It improves your message, reaching its peak potential.

4. Professional Voice-Over Actors Are Speech Experts

A voice actor spent years of practice and coaching to become reputable. They have experience and a field of specialty to fit your needs. For example, you can find one for social media or explainer videos.

Regardless of your requirements, a professional can deliver. They spend time training behind a mic to give the best professional voice-over. It means their performance will set the right tone, delivery, and cadence.

5. Voice-Over for Video Content Boosts Sonic Branding

Sonic branding pertains to your brand’s distinct sound. It allows you to stand out from competitors since your customers will connect your brand to a specific speaking voice.

If they hear professional voice-overs, they pay more attention to your message. You can adjust the voice to suit your audience more.

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Hire Professional Voice-Over for Video Now

These are some professional voice-over benefits. Never let your lack of brand voice hinder your growth. Use these to encourage yourself to invest in a professional voice actor soon.

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