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5 Logic Games to Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills

You may know Lewis Carroll as the author of Alice in Wonderland, but did you also know he is one of the greatest creators of logic games?

Spending time tackling a logic game can help improve your memory, analytical thinking, and well-being. Suppose you’re interested in learning more but don’t know where to start.

We’ve pulled together a list of the world’s most loved logic games. So, start a new hobby today and stimulate your mind with these top brain games.

1. Chess

We’re sure you have heard about the popular chess drama, The Queens Gambit, if you have access to Netflix. You can learn chess for beginners at any age, and it will help improve your strategic thinking.

There are thousands of potential moves, so you’ll work hard to predict your opponent’s scheme and checkmate them. In addition, you’ll use your memory, spatial and problem-solving skills.

Chess was an older generation game, but sales of chess boards increased 87% because of the drama. So, nowadays, youngsters can improve their cognitive ability, and it can also help reduce mental decline in the elderly.

2. Cross Logic

There will be a story or a list of clues and an answer grid for this game. The clues are often about people, and you must find the information associated with that individual.

For example, five people go to the hairdressers, and, by considering the clues, you’ll discover the day they went, the service they had, and how much they paid. You’ll then mark these answers on the grid.

It sounds easy, but the clues are difficult. You’ll need analytical thinking to solve these logic games for the mind.

3. Nikoli Puzzles

Nikoli Puzzles is an umbrella term for square puzzles that are often numerical. Puzzle games such as Sudoku and Shikaku are good examples. There are no vague clues to comprehend, and you can complete the puzzle at your own pace.

By playing Nikol games, your level of concentration, pattern spotting, and problem-solving skills will improve. They require careful thought, excellent memory, and they can help you relax.

4. Go

Solving games with physical playing pieces has the added benefit of honing your motor skills. Go is the world’s oldest board game and deserves a spot on this list.

You must create territories and finish with more of your colored chips than your opponents on the board. The tactics are complex, but you can while away hours with this Chinese game.

5. Riddles

Riddles are a fantastic way to improve your logical skills and test theories. These brain teasers are close to 4,000 years old.

One of the oldest riddles known to man is “A house you enter blind, but come out with sight.” Can you solve it?

Daily Logic Games

Solving puzzles and playing logic games can have benefits in your everyday life. Repeated often, you’ll notice improved concentration and better problem-solving skills. Try a round of each of these games, and you’ll discover which style you find the most fun.

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