5 Effective Tips for Remodeling a Bathroom

Are you looking for ways to brighten your bathroom? Bathroom remodels offer a return on investment of around 70%! Plus they’re a rewarding way to freshen up a functional space, even if you have no plans to sell your home.

Read on to learn five effective tips for remodeling a bathroom.

1. Give Your Lighting a Makeover

Nothing kills the mood like a large fluorescent overhead light. You can transform the ambience of your bathroom by swapping out fluorescents for recessed lights or other more attractive options.

To introduce a more elegant touch, go for pendants or sconces. Just be sure that any wall-mounted sconces don’t sit above your vanity mirror. Otherwise, you’ll see more shadows than illumination.

Adjustable ceiling lights are great in larger bathrooms. Highlight luminous tile designs or decorative features. Or, pivot them toward the vanity to make the morning makeup routine a little easier.

2. Consider the Color Scheme

When designing a bathroom, determine what two or three colors you want to feature. You can opt for a clean white aesthetic with black grout for pops of contrast. For a vintage style, go with deep purples and turquoise to animate your space.

Match your fixtures to the bathroom renovation, too. In other words, don’t stick with dated brass faucets and towel bars when you’re moving toward a muted gray scheme.

3. Add Fun and Functional Wall Pieces

While you don’t want to crowd your bathroom with too much stuff, you can spotlight a wall with the right pieces. A picture of your favorite seaside scene framed in rustic wood will have a calming effect. Or add some of your kids’ artwork for a dose of color.

Think of mirrors as another way to dress up your bathroom. Bathroom mirrors can help extend the space, making even small half-baths feel larger. Turn to Glass Guru for help installing new mirrors of any size!

4. Don’t Forgo Flooring Changes

Peeling vinyl floors or dated laminate can set back any space. Make a point of enhancing your bathroom remodel with new floors. Choose from ceramic tiles, vinyl planks, or another moisture-resistant flooring.

Patterned tiles can add an intricate focal point if the rest of your room is neutral. If you want to make a small bathroom feel larger, choose bigger planks or tiles to open up the space.

5. Focus on Individual Features

Your budget might not be able to swing a $20,000 bathroom remodel. Fortunately, you can refresh specific elements of your bathroom for a lot less. A fresh coat of paint, for instance, can transform faded or dull walls.

Add new grout to clean up your bathtub or shower. Install new faucets to make a vanity pop, or hang a shelf where you can display flowers or other bursts of color and life.

Follow These Tips for Remodeling a Bathroom

When you look at tips for remodeling a bathroom, a few common threads emerge. You’ll want to choose a cohesive color scheme and design that makes your bathroom a welcoming space. And you stand to gain a lot from updating floors, fixtures, and lighting.

To find more renovation suggestions, check back for more informative articles!