5 Biking Tips for Commuting in a City

Have you decided to finally take the plunge and ditch the car in favor of a Sixthreezero women’s bike commute to work? Although biking to work has numerous benefits, biking in the big city can come with unique challenges. In order to avoid accidents, stay safe, beat the traffic and still make it to work on time, you may need to prepare yourself for this distinctive type of commute. If it’s your first time commuting by bike in the city, check out these tips to keep in your back pocket.

Riding Your Bike on Busy Streets

Although you may have some experiencing riding your women’s cruiser electric bike for fun, riding it to work on busy streets may be another experience altogether. For example, you’ll need to keep a sharp eye out for other commuters to avoid any accidents. Commuting by bike on crowded streets means:

  • Keeping up a steady speed on crowded streets for long distances
  • Maintaining your stamina to keep riding your bike to work day after day
  • Avoiding accidents with pedestrians, cars and other potentially dangerous obstacles
  • Staying dry and comfortable so you won’t arrive at work sweaty or smelly
  • Avoiding flat tires or other common bicycle malfunctions
  • Remembering your intended bike route to avoid confusion and potential delays
  • Managing poor weather conditions while staying safe and still arriving at work on time

How To Stay Safe While Riding in a City

Even if you’ve found the best-rated commuter bikes for sale, reviewed the rules of the road and calculated expected commute times, you may still need some advice on staying safe while riding your bike in the city. Unfortunately, the crowded city environment presents a number of potential hazards for cyclists that you’ll need to be aware of before heading out. In order to keep yourself and others on the road as safe as possible, you should:

  1. Wear a reflective vest or other reflective clothing while on your bike and make sure you have reflective stickers on your bicycle as well to make yourself more visible to others on the road;
  2. Become familiar with biking hand signals to let other cyclists and drivers know your intentions and avoid accidents;
  3. Practice your route to work before transitioning into a full-time bike commute to become familiar with the route and its alternatives;
  4. Leave yourself a little extra time when getting to work in the morning to change clothes or even shower once you arrive;
  5. Install a GPS on your phone to prepare for traffic rerouting and bring along a rain jacket in case of inclement weather.

Although commuting to your office in the city may help you save some money and could help you stay in shape, you may also need to take some extra steps to mitigate the risks that come with biking in the big city. Fortunately, knowing some insider biking tips can make a big difference. Keep this checklist in your back pocket to get ready for your new commute and to stay as safe as possible on the road.