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4 Reasons your social media strategy is adversely affecting your website SEO

In the present day and age, social media and SEO share a strong comradeship. Marketing experts from Impressive Digital – SEO Agency in Houston and many other globally renowned organizations laud the powerful combination of the two for the multidimensional benefits of its yield. 

Across the entire spectrum of industry vertices, businesses and marketers strive to create a buzz for their products and services, expand their customer base, and boost their sales. Both social media and SEO play a crucial role in achieving those objectives. 

However, this super alliance is as intricate as it is rewarding. Many people fail to nail the two with the same effectiveness. In most cases, marketers end up focusing on social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., and overlook the ranking and clicks on your website. This can result in hurting your sales goals and overall business performance. 

Here are four solid pointers that bring to light what goes wrong with your social media that adversely impact your website SEO.

  • Social media is not attributed to bringing you links

Not every potential visitor of your website lands up there directly. Links play a crucial role in bringing traffic to your website. However, links are not that apparent on social media which squashes your expectations of generating leads.

Interestingly, social media is an incredible way of getting backlinks and drawing traffic. It is the best way of being visible and reaching people. If you can use social media to get in front of people who drive the industry such as visionaries and industry leaders, you can create a crazy resource of backlinks.

  • Website SEO is not in sync with shareable social media posts

Another loose link between your website and social media is the content that is incompetent for social shares. Your website content might be optimized for search engines, but if it is not optimized for sharing, you lose a huge opportunity to enhance your visibility.

Making content on your website more shareable not only increases the session time of your visitors (getting long clicks) but also encourages them to share it across platforms. The absence of quality content that can be easily shared hits your ranking and forces search algorithms to push you out of the first SERP.

  • Unoptimized profiles can be taxing for website

Your website SEO takes a blow if your social media profile is not optimized. People often have different profiles on different platforms. This inconsistency makes you lose your credibility and valuable leads.

It is crucial to optimize your profiles and make them resonate with the brand you are associated with. The first step is to synchronize the social media bios of all the platforms. 

You should also use the same phrases and keywords across the entire social spectrum. Make sure your keywords and phrases laud your brand and are in sync with the website content you look to promote.

  • Your social media efforts focus on building numbers and not the website content

Most often people are busy increasing the numbers of followers and connections they have on social media. While this is important, it does nothing to help SEO. Notably, leading search engines cannot even read the number of followers you have & check the website, let alone include them in ranking.

You should try to get the valuable followers and connections who need and relate with your products and services and contribute constructively through their comments.