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3 Tips on Cleaning Invisalign for New Users

More than 4 million people wear braces in the United States. Some of the most common types include metal braces, ceramic braces, and lingual braces.

Invisalign aligners are another option; they allow you to straighten your teeth without any metal or wires. Made of clear material, they are practically invisible.

Did you recently start treatment? Interested in some tips on cleaning Invisalign? If so, you’re in luck. We will cover all the things you need to know below.

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1. Soak Your Aligners Regularly

Soak your aligners for three minutes at least once a day. For example, you can use a denture cleaner.

Invisalign also has its own cleaning solution that you can use that contains rubbing alcohol and sodium bicarbonate. Not only will it kill germs, but it’ll also remove any plaque and tartar from the trays.

Once you’ve soaked the aligners, give them a good brush with warm water—that’ll remove any leftover debris. From there, rinse them with water and put them back in your mouth.

Tip: Never soak your trays in mouthwash; that can damage and stain the aligners.

2. Remove Your Trays Before Eating

Want stain-free aligners? Then make sure to take them out before you eat; food and beverages can easily cause staining. The only exception is water—you can drink it without having to remove your Invisalign aligners.

Also, food particles can get stuck in your trays and if you put them back on without cleaning, they can transfer to your teeth and gums and that can lead to cavities. This is especially true for sugary foods such as candies, pastries, cookies, and ice cream.

On top of that, they can get damaged and that can affect their efficacy. After all, they’re not meant to withstand the pressure of biting and chewing.

3. Rinse Your Aligners Every Time You Remove Them

Rinse your aligners with water every time you remove them—not just when you’re brushing your teeth. That will prevent plaque and saliva from accumulating on the trays.

If necessary, you can also clean them with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Just don’t use any toothpaste (it can damage or discolor the aligners).

Keep in mind, however, that rinsing won’t be enough to get rid of bacteria; you’ll still have to soak them in a cleaning solution for that.

And remember, you can always ask your orthodontist if you have any questions (be sure to ask about an Invisalign consultation at your initial appointment).

Cleaning Invisalign Trays the Right Way

Cleaning Invisalign aligners is important if you want them to work properly. Not only that, but it’ll prevent food particles from getting stuck in the trays, which can lead to tooth decay.

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