Cape Coast road accident

VIDEO: 3 Injured in another road accident on Cape Coast road

The many road accidents on the Cape-Coast Takoradi road is beginning to put fear in many people and it is always praises when one is able to ply the road safely.

An accident on the Cape-Coast-Takoradi highway claimed the lives of 34 people on 14th January 2020 was which was a sad moment for most of Ghanaians. A week later, five persons lost their lives while 14 others were been injured in an accident at Gomoa Antseadze on the Kasoa – Cape Coast road.

We thought everything is okay since by now the blood from the many accidents on the road has satisfied the gods if only they are the ones causing the accidents but it seems we are yet to see more of the accidents as just this afternoon an accident on the same Cape Coast road has left three people injured.


Cape Coast-Takoradi Highway Gory Accident

The accident occurred at Apam junction involving a Toyota hilux pickup with registration number GE – 8152-10 and a VIP bus.

It is believed the VIP bus was about to make a wrong overtaking but the driver of the bus saw another vehicle on top speed heading towards the same direction the VIP bus want to make the wrong overtake and for that the VIP bus have to fall back into it lane. It had no better option than pushing the Toyota pickup to give way to the Sprinter bus which is on top speed and this led to Toyota hilux rolling over and falling in it back.

Cape Coast road accident

It took the timely intervention of Patriotic citizens around and the Cape Coast branch of the Ghana National Fire Service to recuse victims from the Toyota hilux pickup who have been sent to the Hospital for medical attention. No one was pronounced dead at the time of filling the story.