2020 primary moving in Bernie Sanders's direction.
2020 primary moving in Bernie Sanders's direction.

2020 primary moving in Bernie Sanders’s direction.

The New York Times ‘ headline reads, “Why Bernie Sanders is tough to beat,”

“Democratic Insiders: Bernie Sanders could win the nomination,” says a Politico article.

In the run-up to January’s January campaign crunch, Sander’s replacements were more than happy to show the case on the air that he was as competitive as ever before. Nonetheless, the fresh exposure to the double presidential candidate lies behind the unshakable fact–Vermont’s independent senator ticks up his ballot box, leads the campaign race in a long way and shows that he has a political power to stand still and stop other major figures at this packed battle in 2020.

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That raises the question: will he actually catch the appointment?

The former adviser to Sanders ‘ campaign Tezlyn Figaro said Friday about the Fox & Friends “We can go ahead and Crown Joe Biden if they want, but Bernie Sanders does not go anywhere and his supporters do not go anywhere.

He hasn’t really embraced the light of day since the start of the campaign in February, as have former vice-presidents, Joe Bident, Senator Elizabeth Warren and South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg –or even Senator Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke before bowing.

He has become a radical political agitator and isolated him from the mainstream since his first battle of 2016 against Hillary Clinton. However, since his return to the field in October after a heart attack, Sanders has been receiving increased support in the polls.

020 primary moving in Bernie Sanders's direction.
020 primary moving in Bernie Sanders’s direction.

He stands at 19 percent in an average of the latest national polls, second only to Biden.

Most important, he is 20 percent behind Buttigieg in the kickoff caucus of the state of Iowa in the last poll. And in the newest average public surveys in New Hampshire he ranks 19% above the field.

In the critical race for cash promotions, Sanders also leads. In the third quarter of July-September, he has raised a whopping $28 million in funding–more than any other Democratic candidate–and more than any of his nominee rivals has earned this cycle. The populist senator promoting a hugely progressive policy said at the beginning of last month that he exceeded 4 million donors.

And at many of his campaign appearances Sanders drew large crowds, including a major beach rally last weekend in Venice Beach with some 14,000 people visiting him and one of his top replacements – the progressive new Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York.

Hillary Clinton 2020

Figaro proposed that Sanders would “go all the way to the convention” — where a close race could mean a rare, disputed appointment process.

Figaro told the party establishment “It’s going to be a long season, so they can just bubble up.”

Friday Sanders returned to New Hampshire, where he became a nationally recognized politician. In his 2016 Democratic Primary Prime Minister’s Office Sanders once defeated former Secretary of State Clinton, leading him to a marathon battle with the eventual nominee for the party.

He supported one of the state’s top progressive politicians, Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky, at his first station in Granite State. The 2020 gubernatorial nominee was the 2016 director of the Sanders campaign in New Hampshire and served as Sanders ‘ pledged delegate at the Philadelphia Nomination Convention.

Volinsky told Fox News, “I kicked tires with several state campaigns this time around.

Yet he stressed that ‘ Although I’ve spent time with a variety of other campaigns, I’ve continued to go back to Sanders and I think that’s where I belong.

Nevertheless, the rise of Sanders over the past two months will probably call for further study.

She took a lot of incoming fire from recent key debates, but she avoided the spoil mostly while Sanders was a fellow democratic leader, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, from Massachusetts and Buttigieg.

Democratic strategist Michael Ceraso, a 2016 white house veteran in Sanders, wondered whether the senator was in fact in conflict in 2020.

“We need to remember that Bernie still has the same problems in 2016: higher unfavorables in the early primary and caucus countries and Super Tuesday among[ voters 50 or above] will kill him. Could he break away from an older electorate that accounts for about 50% of the vote? He said that I’m cynical.

Ceraso, who served as the state director of Buttigieg’s New Hampshire until he took part in the election last summer, said: “It’s impossible for him to attract the delegates needed to win the nomination if he is unable to break away from the previous elections.