10 Reasons to attend Online Preschool in 2022

10 Reasons to attend Online Preschool in 2022

Are Preschools important?

Preschool is an early childhood program that combines learning with play during kids’ initial developmental years, making the entire learning process pleasurable. Preschool education plays a vital role in a child’s life as it helps in laying down a concrete foundation for children and helps them learn in later stages of life. Preschool in India provides a culturally sound environment that infuses the important values needed for children’s cognitive, social, mental, behavioral, and emotional growth.

Preschool education helps kids understand the importance of education and discipline by creating an appropriate learning environment that cultivates young minds by promoting creative thinking and pushes them out of their comfort zones from a young age so that they can recognize their true potential. Continuous interaction with teachers and same-aged kids helps toddlers build trusting relationships and improve communication skills.

Preschool education helps build gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination through running and art and craft activities. A child’s language skills are also enhanced through reading and story-telling sessions. Preschool provides kids with the opportunity to explore and experiment, which generates curiosity and makes them eager to learn. Activities like drawing and pretend-play assist in the cognitive development of symbolic thought. Positive early experiences result in a positive impact on the development and grooming of toddlers.

Importance of online classes for preschoolers

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused lockdowns around the world, and India is no different. During these unprecedented times, numerous children are missing out on the academic and social developmental process. The only possible solution for this is to have online preschool classes, which would ensure that students still get to experience pleasurable childhood activities and learn basic writing, reading, and number skills while being at home and taking care of their physical health. Online classes would also allow parents to ensure that their child’s curiosity and creativity are cultivated, and they can learn through the best possible techniques. This article discusses the 10 most important reasons you should make your nursery or preschool child attend online classes in 2022.

Interactive tech

The outbreak of a pandemic and schools being shut down resulted in on-site experiences of preschoolers being eliminated. While kids missed out on theme-based classrooms, activity areas, and playgrounds, interactive educational technology has taken over. Interactive applications helped teachers, students, and parents to make sure that they can communicate, which also allows kids to develop their social skills — learning continues in the best way possible. Continuing with online preschool classes would ensure that kids become tech-friendly and learn basic computer skills, which would prepare them for the digital future we are expecting.

Practice easily

Expecting nursery or preschoolers to learn at the same rate as their fellow students would be unfair. Online nursery classes would give kids an opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace. This flexibility allows students to practice the taught concepts at home and completely removes the aspects of jealousy, peer pressure, and bullying which might have affected the child’s performance.


Parents look for convenience in all their daily tasks, and their decisions are based on it too. Online nursery and preschool classes make education more convenient. These classes give students the benefit of staying at home and learning without being susceptible to distractions. Online classes also help save time and costs, which might be an issue for many underprivileged and illiterate families in India. Lastly, it gives parents positive assurance that their child is getting the necessary education and can provide support to their child while focusing on other life situations.

Topics learned

Preschool classes teach students important life and educational skills needed for their personal, mental, and emotional growth. Activities in online nursery classes and online preschool classes focus on improving literacy, socialization, language skills, and numeracy. Depriving kids of those valuable lessons would adversely impact them later in life. Online classes efficiently solve this problem and provide students with the opportunity to learn even during a pandemic.

Fewer distractions

One of the most important benefits of online classes for nursery and preschool kids is that students can learn with fewer distractions caused by other fellow students. Donna M. Volpitta, the founder of The Center for Resilient Leadership, mentions in her article that toddlers are easily distracted because of natural wiring in their brain, due to which their senses work in overdrive. The natural attentional span of nursery kids is 15-30 minutes, and online nursery classes help students focus on learning and avoid inappropriate influences.

Best access to teachers

With the rise of virtual learning, teachers worldwide have started using numerous technology education platforms like Google classroom and Zoom, making teaching easier. Attending online preschool classes in 2022 would allow students, teachers, and parents to communicate efficiently and enhance the overall learning experience.

Increased parents’ input

Online classes allow parents to nurture their kids during/her learning process. It allows them to stay up to date with their child’s progress and the curriculum being taught, which helps them practice with their child whatever is being taught in school to ensure efficient learning. Online preschool classes also help form a strong parent-child relationship from a very young age.

Nutrition and Health

While COVID-19 cases are still high and new variants emerging, virtual classes for kids seem like a better option than brick and mortar schools. This alternative helps ensure that toddlers’ health and nutrition are not subjected to the risk of being exposed to covid. While staying at home, kids can take online classes using the numerous fun education tools and learn efficiently.

Low student-teacher ratio

Online classes for preschool kids can facilitate teachers in having a low student-teacher ratio which would help teachers focus on students individually, solve their queries and determine their strengths and weaknesses while keeping other students busy with learning games.

Building confidence

Self-confidence gained by kids through activities in online classes helps them develop a strong personality. Strong basics and the feeling of being heard would help students build confidence.

Nursery and Preschool education are the need of the hour, and for all the above-stated reasons, parents worldwide prefer online classes for preschool and nursery kids during a pandemic.