Gifty Osei

Your make-up was too heavy – Social media users ‘criticise’ Gifty Osei

Popular gospel musician Gifty Osei has been heavily criticized as her recent video went viral.

Fans of Gifty Osei have recently slammed her when a video of her at the marriage ceremony of Eugene Sarfo and Victoria Lebene

According to the fans, her facial make-up is just too much and doesn’t match along with her original complexion.

In a video that was sighted by, Gifty Osei was captured hanging out at the marriage ceremony of Victoria Lebene.

Even though Gifty Osei looked gorgeous in her outfit, some Instagram users claimed her make-up was an excessive amount of.

They took to the comment section to throw their disappointment at the musician over the significant makeup.

@adjei652 claimed her makeup failed to match along with her body: “Foundation is just too abundant and not matching her skin. very little dark makeup would be sensible for her within the light-weight.”

@vertex_concepts trolled Gifty for the significant makeup: “They sell powder in her house ana?”

@unco8663 jabbed Gifty Osei: “I am extremely confused. Gifty Osei may be a gospel singer however the method she handles herself, l don’t understand the distinction between her and Wendy Shey. If you wanna be hot be hot and if you wanna be cold too be cold however if you in between the Bible says God can spew you out of his mouth.”

@kaakyire_jozzy claimed Gifty looked stunning except the makeup that wasn’t cool: “She appearance bomb. however the makeup may be a NO No.”

@jay2junior complained regarding the singer’s makeup: “Heavy make-up over the limit.”

Even though the energetic gospel musician is preferred by several, it appears her makeup failed to go down well with a number of her fans.