Your Comprehensive Guide to Canvas Glamping

Did you know that 48 million households took at least one camping trip last year? Camping is as popular as ever, even in the wake of COVID. In fact, more than 10 million households took their first camping trip during the pandemic!

Camping is a great way to escape daily stress and unplug for a bit with mother nature. But, if it’s a little bit too rough for you, or you want to experience camping with slightly more amenities than a portapotty and a sleeping bag, canvas glamping might just be for you!

Glamping is camping with some extra luxury added: a few creature comforts and amenities so you can experience all the positives of mother nature, without the inconveniences. To learn more about glamping and how to experience it for yourself, read on!

What Is Glamping?

Glamping combines “glamour” and “camping” to provide you with a more upscale camping experience.

Glamping is a flexible term. Some people consider RVs glamping, while others consider it glamping if you have a full sleeping setup. Some luxury glamping facilities can cost almost $1,000 a night and offer a luxurious, extravagant setup that will have you never wanting to go home!

However, most people agree that glamping is anything that’s a cut above regular camping.

Canvas Glamping

A great way to ease into the great outdoors is canvas glamping, meaning that you’re experiencing camping in a private, well cared for, canvas tent. While canvas glampsites have several tents, they are spaced out so you’ll still be able to enjoy privacy and the quiet joy of the outdoors.

These tents usually feature a full bed with soft linens, private bathrooms, and food offerings. Some places even have a hot tub! Think of it as a canvas hotel room in the wild.

Some places also offer activities while you glamp, allowing you to experience the great outdoors in a somewhat curated fashion. In addition, you can take yourself out for your own hikes and adventures to experience nature on your own and know that at the end of the day you’ll return to a comfortable canvas tent.

Finding a Place to Glamp

If you want to experience glamping for yourself, there are lots of places you can try. You can always search “glamping near me,” for the closest option or you can use it as an escape from your local area to see something new.

Our personal favorite is this Zion National Park resort, which offers the perfect balance of luxury and natural wildness. And, if you go glamping in Zion National Park, you can see some of nature’s most incredible creations like sweeping canyons and ancient rock formations.

Take a hike, bring your mountain bike, or just take a moment to recharge in nature.

Book Your First Canvas Glamping Trip Today

If you love the idea of camping but still want to enjoy a luxurious vacation, you don’t have to choose! Experience both with a canvas glamping trip. Take a walk on the wild side while still having a soft bed and hot shower at the end of every day.

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