People put a lot of money and other resources into their iPhones. When you use your phone hundreds of times a day for a variety of things, such as catching up with friends, surfing the internet, listening to music, and watching your favorite TV shows, an iPhone becomes more than just a pricey gadget.

Many people consider their iPhone to be one of life’s necessities, with the added benefit of being commonly regarded as a status or fashion icon. Which makes it all the more unfortunate that iPhones, like any other smartphone, are susceptible to mishaps, malfunctions, and bumps.

Of course, the more you use it, the more likely, an accident may occur to the phone. Get your iPhone repaired quickly by one of the experienced techs at any of the convenient Dubai locations. They specialize in iPhone Screen Repair, iPhone Battery Replacement, iPhone Water Damage Repair, iPhone Charging Issues, and more.

Nothing is more frustrating than watching your prized possession slip from your grasp only to pick it up and discover a large, ugly crack across the screen. Similarly, nothing is more aggravating than software that becomes glitchy or fails entirely, and no amount of rebooting seems to help. Right now, one out of every ten people has a cracked smartphone. If you like your phone but can’t stand the sight of a cracked screen, visit UniverPhone Montreal to find out how much it would cost to get your device back in working order, or better still, buy a new one.

The question then becomes whether it is cheaper, faster, or safer to get your iPhone fixed, or whether it is better to admit that the unit has served its purpose and purchase a new (or used) one.


When an iPhone is broken or not running properly, the first thing people worry of is whether or not it is still under warranty. This simply comes down to the phone’s age . Apple provides a one-year manufacturer’s warranty when purchased new.

Even if your new iPhone is still under warranty, there are certain exclusions, such as battery loss, unintended cosmetic or water damage, problems resulting from modifications to the handset (such as network cracking), and non-Apple approved repairs. If either of these apply, you’ll need to pay for repairs via an Apple-authorized agent or send the computer back to Apple.

By purchasing an AppleCare+ package, you can extend your coverage for an additional year. The two-year insurance plan provides coverage for two cases of accidental damage, with a $29 screen replacement fee. Support for software is also included.

The only other choice for free iPhone repair (or replacement) is to look into statutory consumer rights laws. In order for this to apply, you must be able to demonstrate a flaw in the software or hardware, except any kind of accidental injury. From the time of purchase, this cover lasts up to six years.


Since the majority of physical defects on an iPhone are caused by unintended damage or battery loss, you should expect to pay for repairs. The extent of the issue, the model you own, how old it is, and its current value will all influence whether you can fix or replace your iPhone.

The general rule is that if repairs are more expensive than the phone is worth, you should purchase a new phone. We really mean second hand when we say “new.” A new iPhone is already protected by warranties, and if you want to switch from an older model to a new one, be prepared to pay more than the repair costs.

Summarily, repairing a broken iPhone screen is perhaps the most common reason people take their phone to the Apple Store to beg for a replacement. Apple has a scheme in place to pay for your phone’s repair, but it will be costly. A broken screen on an iPhone would cost $29 if you have the aforementioned AppleCare+ package. However, once it’s out of warranty, things can get pricey – and this was before Apple raised its prices. Out-of-warranty replacements for the iPhone X now cost $279; $169 for the iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus, and 6s Plus; and $149 for the iPhone 8, 7, 6s, and 6 Plus.

You may decide that repairing your phone isn’t worth the money and be persuaded by Apple to buy a new one. We haven’t heard from someone who didn’t have AppleCare+ and was able to get a free screen replacement after smashing their iPhone. You may be able to find a cheaper screen repair somewhere, but be mindful that allowing someone else to work on your iPhone would void your warranty. The best alternative if you decide to repair is to go for a professional technician.