Representative Liz Cheney drew the ire of many fellow Republicans in January when she claimed that Donald Trump had “lit the flame” of the Capitol attack, declared her support for impeaching him, and then voted to do so just days later.

Of course, nothing Cheney said or did was wrong—Trump clearly incited the violent riot and should have been impeached—but to his party’s loyalists, the Wyoming lawmaker’s actions amounted to treason. (An interesting point of view, given that the person they were defending had literally attempted to overthrow the results of a federal election.)

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Dozens of Republican representatives attempted to depose Cheney as conference chair. Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz flew to Wyoming and, after declaring, as only a mediocre white man can, that he knew everything there was to know about the place after only an hour, urged voters to remove her from the House. Donald Trump Jr. has spent the last two months and change criticizing Cheney for belittling his father.

Unfortunately for Junior, his quest to avenge Daddy Trump and possibly receive more than one biannual hug is not going well. According to CNN:

Despite Donald Trump Jr.’s campaign to pass the bill in order to defeat Republican Rep. Liz Cheney in 2022, a Wyoming Senate bill to create election runoffs failed on Wednesday. The vote was 14–15, with one legislator absent. Since voting to impeach his father following the deadly attack on the Capitol, the former president’s son has become increasingly hostile to the No. 3 House Republican.

Trump Jr. spoke at an anti-Cheney rally organized by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz in January, urging Republicans to unite behind a single candidate to challenge her. In March, Trump Jr. publicly pressed state senators on the bill’s committee, tweeting their email addresses to his 6.8 million followers. “Any Republican in Wyoming who does Liz Cheney’s bidding and opposes SF145 is betraying my father and the entire America First movement,” Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter.

The bill would have required Cheney and other candidates to receive more than half of the vote in order to win a primary and would have potentially pitted her against one Trump-backed opponent in a runoff primary election.

Despite Trump Jr.’s efforts, a Wyoming state Senate committee amended the bill so that it would not go into effect until 2023, in order to give county clerks enough time to adapt.

Earlier this week, the ex-son president’s tweeted a photo of Cheney speaking with Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin, implying that the two were plotting to depose his father.

Junior stated in an interview last month that he has no intention of running for office right now but would not rule out a future run. At the moment, he believes he can have a greater impact on the Republican Party by focusing on the “weaklings” who voted to impeach his father for the second time. Those weaklings are undoubtedly trembling in fear. Someone at Amazon decided it would be a good idea to engage in a Twitter war with Democratic lawmakers.

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Amazon, oh, Amazon. Amazon, you’re such a sweet, innocent girl. You’re a trillion-dollar corporation that made Jeff Bezos $58 billion richer in a single year. You can crush mom-and-pop shops simply by looking at them. Someday soon, you’ll probably be able to use one-click ordering to have a warehouse employee dropped directly into their bathroom to wipe their asses for them, eliminating the need for toilet paper (but not the profit, because the ass-wiping won’t be cheap).

You are the type of monopoly that aspirant monopolies aspire to be one day. However, it appears that not a single member of your corporate communications team recognized that this was a bad idea.

These are just a few of the tweets sent from Amazon’s corporate account this week in which the tech behemoth attempted to own a slew of lawmakers who had said hurtful but true things about them. In the case of Bernie Sanders, Amazon is presumably upset with him for supporting a unionization attempt by workers at an Alabama warehouse, an effort that the tech behemoth is understandably upset about, hence the anti-union messages in the restrooms.

Of course, Sanders is not the governor of Vermont, so he has no authority over the state’s minimum wage. (Amazon could learn about the distinctions between federal, state, and local government in a book called The Infographic Guide to American Government: A Visual Reference for Everything You Need to Know, the Kindle edition of which is currently available on Amazon.com.) The company’s minimum wage was raised to $15 in 2018 as a result of pressure from… Bernard Sanders’s formal name is Bernard Sanders.

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