‘Wonder Boy’ Dominic Fobih gets full-time scholarship, enrolls in Vine Christian High School

Dominic Fobih, the 9-year-old who recently set the internet ablaze with his outstanding sports presentation some weeks ago has gained a full-time scholarship at Vine Christian High School situated at East Legon in the nation’s capital, Accra.

With extreme insight in sports presentation and in-depth analysis in the football world, Dominic Fobih was signed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Angel Broadcasting Network, Dr Kwaku Oteng.

Dominic who is also known as Young 05, thrilled Ghanaian sports lovers with his scintillating performance. This dazzling piece from Dominic drew the attention of Vine Christian High School management and decided to enrol him in a full scholarship.

A representative of the school in an interview with Captain Smart asserted that the school is proud to have a brilliant chap like Dominic Fobih and that they will do everything in their power to bring the best out of Dominic.

Adding his voice in a way to say thank you to the school was Saddick Adams who is also known as sports Obama averred that the scholarship from the school has indeed come at the right time. “Dominic is very intelligent academically aside his sports presentation. His favorite subject is Mathematics. He is done with his primary education about entering to the Junior High level but the JHS is 11 miles away from where he stays”, he said.

It is no doubt that the youngster is a real gem in the sports fraternity as he names the full name and position of some European players and their role in helping their football clubs attain greater heights in their various leagues.