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Will I Ever Get My Bail Money Back?

Did you know that three out of five people in US jails have not received a conviction for the alleged crime? After an arrest, one option you or your loved one can use to avoid sitting in jail while awaiting a ruling is posting bail.

However, if the bail amount is high, you may wonder whether there is a way to recover it. Besides, if you outsource part of the amount, will the party who paid it get a refund if the court finds you guilty?

Here, we help you answer the question- ‘Do you get bail money back?’ by discussing how it works. We’ll also explain the process of getting a refund and mention some of the precautions you should take to secure your money.

How Bail Functions

The best way to understand where bail money goes is by understanding its basics. When accused of a crime, you may have the option to pay the court a set amount of money to secure your freedom.

If you don’t have the full amount, you can get it from a bail bonding company such as Bail 2 GO. Such an agency will require you to provide a premium then pay the remaining bail value.

Do You Get Bail Money Back?

After posting bail, you may or may not recover the money based on the case outcome. If the court declares you innocent, they will refund the amount after deducting court fees and applicable fines. The same case will also apply if you are guilty of the charged crime.

Nevertheless, some circumstances may cause you to lose the total amount. For instance, if authorities arrest you when you have an ongoing case, you will not receive any bail refund irrespective of the final ruling. Missing court hearings will also cause you to lose the entire amount.

If you secure freedom through a bail bond company, they will receive a refund after your release or incarceration. Still, you will lose the provided collateral for voiding the bail refund through an arrest or missing court hearings and trial sessions.

How to Get Bail Money Back

The process of getting bail money back may vary slightly depending on who paid it. If you pay it directly to the court in cash or check, they will mail a refund check within six weeks after the ruling. Once this duration passes without receiving the refund, it is essential to contact the court for an inquiry.

During the consultation, they may ask for some information to help them determine if an issue occurred during the disbursement. Some of the details they may need are the case number, the ruling date, your address, and contact information.

If you worked with an agency or company, you might also wonder what happens to bail money. In such a case, the court will also refund them via a check within six weeks. However, you will not recover the premium percentage you paid since it is non-refundable.

Learn More About Bail

Educating yourself about various court procedures can answer the question ‘Do you get bail money back?’ It will also help you know what to expect when working with an agency or company to secure your freedom after incarceration.

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