Why Use Ubuntu to Develop Your Company App?

Why Use Ubuntu to Develop Your Company App?

Aside from the many wonderful benefits of being open-source software, Ubuntu can be a developer’s dream in a myriad of capacities.

Due to the absence of a price tag and the high usability, Ubuntu can be a good choice for small businesses looking to develop their first applications.

If you need to get your development process underway, it might be worth taking a look at some of the reasons why Ubuntu could be the operating system for you.

A Wealth of Great Applications, Tools, and Frameworks

Ubuntu is a prime environment for working with some extremely advanced and efficient development tools, applications, and frameworks.

The completely customizable OS is an enticing option for those wishing to create a bespoke experience while they develop their latest app.

For example, if you needed to create a better UI for your app by utilizing next.js authentication solutions, you could utilize the great snap function or the bash scripting option to aid your efforts.

The ease of access when it comes to managing and setting up these environments can be great for the development process, as you can run them on much older hardware set-ups with a few tweaks here and there.

A Good Support Network

The Ubuntu community is great, and the many helpful forums and blogs out there can be a superb source of information for anyone needing some extra support with their app development efforts.

From the official forums or the thriving Reddit community, there is always a friendly virtual face to turn to should you need help throughout the development process, making it a great choice for anyone working on highly customized apps.

Provides Extra Security

Building an app can be a fairly testing time, but if cybersecurity concerns get thrown into the mix, the process can quickly become overwhelming.

Thankfully, Ubuntu is an incredibly secure platform to work with, as Linux-based systems may indeed be more secure than both Windows and MacOS.

Looking after your sensitive data is a must when dealing with the development stage of your application’s life, or any stage for that matter, so opting for a secure infrastructure might be a pursuit worth putting higher on your list.

It’s Free

Not only is the system itself free (great for small companies working on a tighter budget), but a great deal of the software options are also available without even requiring you to spend an extra penny.

An Easy-to-Use UI

Sometimes, ease of access and simplicity are all that are needed to make the app development process, and therefore your day, run so much smoother.

Although there are a few key differences to get used to if you are making the switch from another OS for the very first time, the layout is easy to navigate and even easier to customize.

Regular Updates

Dealing with updates can be a nuisance, particularly when one is knee-deep in a lengthy project that could be unsettled by a major OS update.

Thankfully, the long-term support that Ubuntu offers is a good way to get around this possibility, which perhaps alone makes it a worthwhile consideration for your next app development needs all by itself.