Why UroChart is The Perfect EMR For Urologists?

It’s time for urologists to say bye to the traditional clinical practices. The demands of urology practices were quite different from other practices. And thus, there was a dire need for urology-specific solutions in the healthcare industry.

At this time, UroChart developed as the world’s most effective urology-specific solution. This is because it was designed to cover the needs of urologists. As a result, the software shines brighter than any other EHR software when it comes to urology-related care solutions. 

There might be something unique about this software, for it earned a widespread reputation in no time. This guide will help you see what makes it special by looking into its salient offerings. But first, you need to know the must-have functionalities of urology practices. 

About UroChart EHR:

UroChart EHR is an intuitive EHR software that explicitly caters to the needs of urology practices. The software works on an integrated specialty-specific workflow. It is best known for maximizing clinical efficiencies with limited resources. 

This platform allows practitioners to embrace distinct features to shape their treatment plans. It serves as a one-stop shop for medical professionals for clinicians seeking an all-inclusive system. It handles all clinical and administrative tasks accurately and thus, saves time. 

The urology interfaces of this solid solution lead to improved patient outcomes. UroChart EMR shapes the business aspect to generate a potential return by enhancing the patient satisfaction level. It helps physicians in multiple ways according to their requirements. 

What makes it more impactful is its mobile app. This vendor’s mobile application allows access to patient records even on the go. In addition, this iOS supported app enables practitioners to tackle emergency cases remotely. 

Features That Defines Urology EHR Systems

A specialty-related solution, may it be for urology or any other specialty, is known for its services. Therefore, the more specific features a vendor holds, the more efficient it is considered. For example, the must-have features for urology-specific EHR solutions are:


Many EHR solutions cater to the needs of multiple specialties. There are certain things those solutions need to ensure, and customizability comes on top. There’s no point investing in a solution that practitioners can’t mold to their personalized needs. 

It is an essential capability that all EMR solutions should offer. It serves as a way for urologists to align the provided functionalities with their clinical goals. In addition, customizing ability offers much better and intuitive patient experiences. 

Medical Coding

Coding is also something EHR companies need to work on. Not all EHR firms offer intact coding facilities. That’s where they lose their clients. Care professionals look for solutions to ease their workload, and coding plays a crucial part in this context. 

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Urologists look for solutions that provide medical coding facilities. It eliminates the redundancy in clinical processes. This functionality helps fasten up data entry, prescribing, billing, and claims management processes. All physicians need is to enter a code, and they are good to go. 

Lab Interface

For specialties like urology, the lab interface matters a lot. For example, the whole diagnostic process of urologists depends on the lab reports. And thus, it is pointless investing in a solution that doesn’t feature lab integrations. 

There are very delicate conditions for which urologists need to look into the level of toxins in the urinary system, swelling in the bladder, etc. For this, they need CT scans and MRIs. That is why a lab interface is a must so that they can easily read the medical reports. 

Custom Templates

Templates are a fundamental part of EMR solutions, but their quality is important. Most vendors offer built-in templates, but these should be customizable. A generic template doesn’t always fit a patient’s health condition. 

There are hundreds of urinary conditions a person can be suffering from. Kidney stones, kidney blockage, and many other infectious cases are common among urology practices. So, by having their hands on custom templates, doctors can draft more effective treatment plans.

How UroChart EHR Software Helps Urologists?

UroChart makes its mark with its ground-breaking features. It offers all the services that urologists demand, including those we highlighted above. In addition, the software is highly customizable and integrates with a range of faculties to help deliver premium care services. 

Its primary services include e-prescription, multi-user accessibility, appointment scheduling, medical billing, and report analysis. In addition to this, the software offers many supreme quality functionalities, such as document scanners and data capture features. 

Details of some of its best-in-class services are shared below:

Population health

Its in-depth clinical insight and population health module allow a keen outlook of patients’ health. Urologists get a chance to compare their patients’ cases across a standard population to generate potential outcomes. 

Patient Portal

The patient portal of UroChart is supported by a pool of excellent reviews. This portal acts as a two-way door and helps patients interact smoothly with their specialists. Also, it enables patients to view their test results and even clear their bills online. 

Touch-screen Interface

This feature is primarily associated with Urology EHR. The system provides an intuitive touch-screen to make navigation way easier. It speeds up clinical processes coupled with enhanced usability. 

Automated Workflow

The software automates the clinical tasks by digitizing the entire patient database. It helps process tasks efficiently with accuracy and boosts clinical productivity. This significantly helps with patient check-ins too. 

Eligibility Checks

This urology-specific EHR platform maximizes clinical reimbursements. It does so by performing eligibility checks before claims submission. It helps filter out the low-profile claims and reduces the probability of denials. 


With UroChart EMR software, clients get the ability to prescribe controlled medication to patients. This freedom of prescribing an accurate dosage of drugs leads to fruitful outcomes. Moreover, the vendor supports the prescription refills option. 

Final Thoughts About UroChart EHR

Considering what it has in store for urologists, this is indeed a worth-investing option. This software holds power to revolutionize medical practices with its outclass facilities. In addition, the software phenomenally balances the clinical and administrative side of medical practices. 

Physicians can learn many interesting facts about UroChart by reading its reviews. The user opinions have showered light on its dark and bright aspects without any biases. For more details, users can opt for its demo anytime.