Why should not flush anything down the toilet

Why should not flush anything down the toilet

Blockages and breakdowns in pipes are the visible and immediate consequences of improper use of the toilet. But the impact of using the toilet as a rubbish bin goes further, since much waste ends up in rivers and seas, degrading the environment and endangering the ecosystem.

Treating the toilet as a place to dispose of waste is widespread in many countries. There are many things that you should not flush down the toilet because they can clog the pipes and contaminate the water. In addition, this has an easily avoidable economic and environmental cost. If you are facing any blockage problems Nrc for all types of plumbing services.

What things you should not flush down the toilet

Wet wipes

Why shouldn’t you flush wet wipes down the toilet?

Wet wipes have become the worst enemy of city sewer systems because they create giant clogs as they don’t break down. However, many consumers are unaware of the problems they cause.


The same thing happens with tampons as with wipes: they don’t fall apart and clog our pipes. The jam can occur both in our house and in the building. There are still many women unaware that it is not the right place. The same goes for ear buds, cotton swabs, and diapers. Therefore, you should not flush anything that could clog the pipes down the toilet. This has serious effects on the urban water cycle.

Bleach and ammonia

We often use these products to clean our house are not easy to dispose of. They are highly polluting and can oxidize organic matter. Use them sparingly and try not to flush them down the toilet unless they are well diluted. But do not forget that there is a better option: store them in cans and take them to the recycling point.

Paints and solvents

You cannot throw these products down the toilet because the chemicals they are made with are highly polluting. It is always necessary to go to a clean point in this case. Take them in the original containers and, if possible, with the original lids to be able to seal them.


Medicines can also be very harmful, especially if they end up in irrigation systems or drinking water reservoirs. That is why they have their recycling system in some countries.

Band-Aids and dental floss

You may never have thought about it, but these elements are not biodegradable either. Therefore, throwing them down the toilet is not a good option. Better use the bathroom trash can to avoid contributing to jams.


Although it is organic waste, it is always preferable to use the garbage can of a lifetime to throw the remains in the toilet. In this way, we avoid water purification work.


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