Why reading Quran with “understanding” is necessary

Everyone in this materialistic world is striving to find peace and inner satisfaction. As you know, our body is composed of two major parts: Body and soul. We are well aware of our physical requirements and give our full attention to achieve them. What about the necessity of our soul? The soul needs the remembrance of Allah, and the reading of His book fulfills this requirement. If we don’t satisfy the needs of our souls, we can never be happy and peaceful. Do you want success in your life? The most successful person in Islam’s history is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); even non-Muslims believe in his success. He followed the teachings of The Holy Qur’an and become successful. To become prosperous, you’ll find nothing more effective than the Qur’an.

The majority of Muslims in the whole world recite Quran daily during and after their prayers. Holy Quran is the 4th and the last Holy Book of Allah given to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Listening to and reciting the Holy book has gained much popularity among Muslims all over the world. However, do you ever think how many of us can understand what is being recited? Firstly, how much attention we give to understand what the Quran is trying to say? Secondly, what does it take to understand the Qur’an?

Let’s know how reading Quran with understanding help Islamic Kids.

Benefits of reading the Quran with understanding:

  • Understanding the Quran can fulfill every Muslim’s Islamic responsibility, which Allah (SWT) imposed on us.
  • Moreover, understanding of Quran helps to determine individual’s position in heaven. Thus, it is not helpful in this world but in the afterworld too.
  • Quran will act as an arbitrator in the court of conscience.
  • It is crucial to get Islamic education from a highly-qualified teacher who has proficient knowledge of the Quran with Tajweed so that he/she will help you in understanding the Quran in addition to reciting.

Following are some reasons why understanding the Quran is essential:

  1. To Understand The Purpose of Existence:

Do you know the purpose behind your existence? If no, then open the Holy Quran and get the answer to your every question. It will provide you awareness of how to live with the only purpose to serve your religion. You’ll find numerous verses of the Quran that tell us about the origin of human beings and the entire universe. As Allah (SWT) says in Quran:

“And I did not give life to the jinn and human being except to worship me.”

  1. To learn more about Allah:

If you feel that your knowledge about God is incomplete, and how can you get closer to Allah, the Quran is there to guide you. There are so many interpretations of the majesty of Allah’s creations, His pity, His love for human beings, and His kindness. After knowing the deep facts about your creator, you will find your heart at comfort and want to learn more and more.

  1. To explore what happens after death:

This life we all are living will not end at death. If you are thinking so, then you are living a useless and aimless life. The Quran will let you know about the next world- the life after death- and you’ll find your soul so happy after learning all about the great virtues and beauty of heaven that Allah has promised for those who believe in Him and follow the right path. Visit Islamic studies for kids and teenagers.

  1. Understanding The Quran Purifies The Heart & Relief The Soul:

Reciting the Quran with translation is necessary because every Muslim has to know God’s basic commands and requirements. When you start reciting the Holy Quran with proper understanding, it cleans the heart from all the errors and comforts the soul from pressures. Allah (SWT) describes it beautifully in the Quran:

“He who has purifies it (The Soul) will succeed, And who instills it [with sins] will fail”


Holy Quran is the only right path that leads you towards paradise. Return to it and implement it in all the fields of life to become successful in the world& hereafter.