Why Read Poetry? 4 Benefits of Reading Poetry That’ll Surprise You

In today’s digital age where everyone can get answers in mere seconds, using their phone or tablet, why read poetry?

Poetry isn’t as straightforward as a novel or short story. It’s not visually appealing like a visual novel or as informative as a news article. So why is reading poetry important?

We’ve got the answers right here. Discover the importance of poetry with our list below:

1. Boosts Vocabulary

Did you know over 30 million Americans struggle to read?

Reading a book would benefit but keep in mind that not everyone has the time to read novels. It doesn’t take that long to read a poem. A person can go over several poems in one sitting, allowing them to discover dozens of new words at once.

It’s not simply about learning new words. Poems also introduce new ways of using words and phrases. It’s through poems that people discover new metaphors and similes.

2. Inspirational Therapy

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than poetry.

Read inspirational poems about mythology, human rights, achieving your dreams, and history. Regardless of the topic, poetry can give it a beautiful and thought-provoking spin.

This will help you get a new perspective regarding a certain topic. For example, history about feudal Japan might seem boring at first glance. However, a good poem might make it sound like a sweeping epic that will motivate you to keep reading further.

3. It’s Therapeutic

Why do people read poetry? Sometimes, it’s not about semantics but how the words touch a person’s emotions.

In many ways, it’s similar to how music can play on someone’s feelings. This is because there is a strong connection between poetry and song lyrics. After all, it’s likely that recited poetry in medieval days likely had instrumental accompaniment.

When you’re feeling down and you want something to lift you, read a poem. It might offer the healing message you need to keep going.

4. Sparks Creativity

One of the biggest benefits of reading poetry is that it can spark creativity. It might motivate you to paint, finish work, write a novel, or simply do better with your chores. One poem might convince you to get back to hobbies you once abandoned.

Trying to sculpt or paint but can’t find the motivation to finish? Reading a poem might get you in the right mood. The right poem might motivate you to create something you never thought you could accomplish.

Why Read Poetry?

So, why read poetry? It can heal you, bring out the creativity in you, or inspire you to do better. At the same time, it will boost your vocabulary and motivate you to keep reading.

Of course, poetry is only one form of reading to enjoy. There are also many forms of poems like haikus or sonatas.

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