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Why Pumpkin Pet Insurance is Dominating Their Industry

In today’s world, we are valuing our pets more than ever. Many millennials are treating their fur babies as if they were actual human babies. This means that, as pet parents, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our pets’ quality of life.

That’s why more and more pet parents are looking to get their pet’s a good insurance policy to cover the costly vet bills that start to accumulate. 

If you’ve begun doing some research into a pet insurance policy, there’s definitely a name that you have come across in your search: Pumpkin Pet Insurance.

It has a cute name, sure, and it seems to be pretty popular in the pet insurance world. But what is it that makes them such a titan in their industry? And should they be the pet insurance company that you invest in for your furry friend?

Let’s take a look at why so many pet owners are turning to Pumpkin for their pet insurance company. 

They Offer Head-to-Tail Coverage 

Pumpkin’s biggest claim to fame is the amount of coverage that they offer.

Many pet insurance companies only cover things like basic preventative care and basic vet visits. Some of them will even cover medications and Rx foods, but for the most part, your coverage is pretty basic.

Pumpkin Pet Insurance offers coverage for your pet’s whole body. They not only cover those basic vet visits and vaccinations, but they also cover things like dental health, including gum disease and regular teeth cleanings. 

They Cover Behavioral Health and Alternative Methods

Did you know that around 40% of pets suffer from behavioral issues? So many of our furry friends suffer from common issues like separation anxiety, chewing, and scratching, that it only makes sense that we would do something to take care of these things.

Unfortunately, many pet insurance brands just don’t offer coverage for these widespread issues. At Pumpkin, they understand that behavioral health is just as important as the physical health issues that your pet may have to deal with. 


They also understand that there are alternative methods that you may want to try to boost your pet’s health and wellness, and they cover those, too. Physical therapy is something that is recommended for many pets that have physical issues, and Pumpkin allows you coverage for that, too.

Coverage for Accidents and Illnesses

Shockingly, many pet insurance companies don’t offer any coverage for vet visits that address any injuries or illnesses. Can you imagine if your health insurance didn’t cover trips to the doctor for things like upper respiratory infections? Yeah, at Pumpkin, they don’t get it, either.

That’s why pumpkin pet insurance offers you the coverage that you need for anything that your pet may go through. Did they get a little too excited and take a tumble off the couch? Your exam and treatment will be covered. Did your puppy get into some chocolate? They’ll cover that, too.

Unlike other pet insurance providers that charge you per new diagnosis, Pumpkin covers all possible future illnesses in one deductible. Your deductible won’t go up just because your pet happens to get sick or injured, which just makes sense to us.

No Upper Age Limit for Your Beloved Pets

Shockingly, many pet insurance companies have an upper age limit on your pets. They have an age that they will cover up to, and after that, they don’t offer any coverage for your sweet best friend anymore. That just doesn’t seem right, does it?

At Pumpkin, they are proud to say that they have no upper age limit that they will cover. You won’t get kicked off of your pet’s insurance plan just because they reach a milestone year; they will still be covered up until the end of their life (which is hopefully very far away). They truly care for your pet and want to see them thriving and living happily and healthily.

They Offer a 10% Discount for Every Additional Pet 

For so many of us, we want more than just one furry best friend. If you have a growing, fluffy family, Pumpkin Pet Insurance will offer you a 10% discount on each additional pet that you need to be covered.

Your Pet Deserves the Best; Get Them Pet Insurance that Covers Their Needs

When it comes to your fur baby, they deserve only the best. Pumpkin Pet Insurance is dominating their industry for a reason; why go anywhere else to get your sweet pet insured?