Why might dab rigs be better than bongs? Pros and cons of each

If you are debating using dab rigs or bongs for your next smoking experience, you need to know the pros and cons of each so you can make the best decisions for your smoking preferences. If you enjoy big rips, strong hits, and a social experience, maybe bongs are the way to go? If you like intense flavor and more moving parts, then maybe dab rigs can be the best option for you? By finding out what you like, the flavors you enjoy, the smoking experience that you’re looking for, and the price range of your weed purchase, you can determine whether dab rigs for bongs are the ideal apparatus for your cannabis consumption.

Pros and cons of dab rigs vs bongs

Con of dab rigs – Bowl piece vs dab nail

One of the main differences between dab rigs and bongs is the bowl piece or the dab nail. In this case, you need to determine if you would rather use a dab nail to heat the waxy concentrate, or if you would rather use a bowl piece if you can heat and smoke the cannabis flower. Keep in mind that if you are using concentrated oils for your dab rigs, that you need to attach the dab nail. Learn how to safely heat the dab nail and use the concentrate. If you don’t like doing too many steps, then using dab rigs might not be the best choice for you. In this case, using the bong might be easier than using and heating the dab nail using the torch.

Pros of dab rigs – smaller size for better flavor

If you’re debating where to use dab rigs for bongs for smoking concentrates, using dab rigs is the best choice. Although bongs are great for smoking flowers – since the larger size allows for enhanced cooling mechanisms and higher levels of filtration – you will find the smaller size of dab rigs works better for concentrates – but why is this the case? The smaller spaces prevent the flavor from escaping.

Cons of bongs – the cost

Typically, bongs are more expensive than dab rigs. Since dab rigs are smaller, contain less material, and contain fewer moving parts, they are usually cheaper. Keep this in mind when you’re deciding whether to use dab rigs or bongs for your next experience! If you are a new smoker who is not sure what they are looking for, avoid spending too much money on your first purchase – this can lead to a $200 bong purchase that you never use! Instead, try a smaller dab rig for your first purchase – you can even try mini dab rigs for cheaper, portable, and fun-to-use options with friends while you are on the go!


If you are searching for the perfect apparatus for your next smoking session, then you might decide between dab rigs and bongs. Weighing the pros and cons of each helps you figure out which one you would enjoy using. Although dab rigs are more complicated to use with the torch and the nail, they have a smaller size for more intense concentrate flavors and they cost less than bongs! You can learn how to smoke dabs here for the most flavorful hits you’ve ever had.